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The Department of Oriental Studies, formerly known as the Department of Arabic and Near Eastern Studies, which was established in 1999, is responsible for all near, middle, and far eastern studies. It currently caters for three degree programmes: 1. Arabic, 2.  Hebrew, and 3. Near Eastern Studies. Moreover, the Department of Oriental Studies is responsible for the academic programmes of the Confucius Institute, which include Chinese language courses at diploma and bachelor levels. The department maintains a highly respectable international profile and scholars of repute often participate in the Department's programmes. Its academic members regularly participate in international conferences and publish their research in academic journals and books.

Series of lectures Dr Yonatan Adler 19 Feb-22 Feb

Dr Yonatan Adler (Ariel University) will be giving a series of lectures from Monday 19th February until Thursday 22nd February.  


 The Jewish Purity Laws from Jesus until Today in Light of Texts and Material Culture  Monday 19th February 14-16 Venue: OH116

The Origins of Jewish Ritual Immersion and Christian Baptism: The Textual and Archaeological Evidence Tuesday 20th February 13-15  Venue: Room 207, Archaeology centre 

Public lecture (Malta Oriental Society): Jesus and Ancient Jewish Ritual Law: An Archaeological Perspective Tuesday 20th February at 6.30. Venue: Room 207, Archaeology centre

They make their phylacteries wide" (Matthew 23:5): The Practice of Tefillin (Phylacteries) in Light of Finds from the Judean Desert Thursday 22nd February 3-5. Venue : GW154

All university staff and students are welcome to attend these lectures. 


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