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The Certificate in Language Proficiency is a new initiative of the Faculty of Arts aimed to promote proficiency in foreign languages. In today’s multi-cultural and multi-linguistic world, sound knowledge of one or more foreign languages is a must, and it is one of the most sought-after skills by both local and international employers. 

The Faculty of Arts, therefore, is offering all university students the opportunity to study a foreign language from scratch or to strengthen their knowledge of a language they have already studied at SEC, Intermediate, or Advanced level.  These certificate courses are spread out over three years (i.e., 6 semesters) and they may be taken concurrently with any undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered by the University, whether followed on a full-time or part-time basis.

The Certificate is being offered in the following languages: Spanish, Italian, German or French. Prospective students can download the Online Application from here

Deadline: Friday 4th October 

The course progamme may be found by accessing this link.

 For further information regarding the Certificate in Language proficiency including Semester 1 and Semester 2 timetables can be downloaded from here.  


Undergraduate Semester Timetables 2019/20
Undergraduate students may download the Semester Timetables from this page.

Postgraduate Semester Timetables 2019/20
Postgraduate students may download the Semester Timetables from this page.


Diploma fil-Letteratura Maltija
Students may download the Semester Timetables from this page.

Student Representatives on Board of Studies

Student Representatives on the Board of Studies

Approved Combinations of Areas of Study
Approved Combinations Of Areas Of Study for October 2019

Students' Requests Committee Meeting: Undergraduates only
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