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Bachelor of Humanities

Bachelor of Humanities

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Students following the three year full-time (or six year part-time) B. Hums programme are free to build their own undergraduate course by registering for any study-unit (time-table permitting) from any area of study within the Faculty of Arts which they consider most suitable for their personal and academic interest, future career plans, or simply for the pleasure of the pursuit of knowledge.    B.Hums students do not graduate in any specific area of study but in the Humanities in general; they may register for up to 72 credits in one area of study and are allowed to register for up to 45 credits in any other discipline. Hence, the course also offers the added opportunity for students to venture outside the confines of the Faculty of Arts’ areas of study and, within limits, explore knowledge from other disciplines.    The course is also very attractive for mature candidates wishing to explore the humanities, pursue new challenges or change the direction of their current path. Prospective mature candidates are encouraged to get in touch with the administrative staff.

Individual exploration of the Humanities

Due to its highly flexible nature, the degree encourages students to embark on their own exploration of the humanities and to fashion their individual course according to their specific interests. Since the Bachelor of Humanities covers a vast array of cultures, periods and disciplines, students will be able to perceive links between a rich variety of areas of study within the definition of the humanities; they will become critically aware of conflicting voices, schools of thought, and methodological procedures, improving their skills of argument and analysis. 

Furthering your studies

B.Hums graduates may proceed directly to a number of taught M.A.s, provided that their degree classification allows it. They may also follow M.A. preparatory programmes in specific M.A. (by research) areas of study, provided that the relevant Department and Faculty Board approve their corpus of undergraduate courses in that specific area and in areas directly related to it, in terms of the by-laws.   Local/EU/EEA Applicants: No fees apply

Non-EU/Non-EEA Applicants: Fee per academic year: EUR 8,500



Prof. Dominic Fenech - Chair
Dr Katrin Dautel - Coordinator
Prof. Clare E. Vassallo – Academic contact point for students
Prof. Keith Sciberras
Prof. Anthony Bonanno

Mr Richard Gambin - Administrator  

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