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Spanish is rightly perceived as a fun language with many, especially younger people, associating it with exciting music and dance such as Flamenco and Salsa, but it is also a world language - after English and Chinese it is probably spoken by more people than any other language.


The study of Spanish at the University of Malta equips students with a solid grounding in the language, literature, culture, and current affairs of Spain, and Spanish-speaking Latin America. It may be studied up to BA Honours level. A BA in Spanish Studies is a pre-requisite for joining the Masters in Teaching and Learning (Spanish) course.

Competence in Spanish will permit access to job openings in international business, the diplomatic service and EU institutions; translation and interpretation; education; and any area of endeavour where a knowledge of languages is an asset.

The Department also offers introductory courses in Portuguese as spoken in Brazil. 






B.A. and B. Hums Interviews
Information regarding the interview dates for B.A./B.A. (Hons) and B. Hums mature applicants

Dean's List Application Forms

The Dean’s list will be published as a recognition for academic excellence achieved during the first 2 years of the B.A./B.(Hons)/B.(Hums) full-time Degree Courses.

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Student Representatives on Board of Studies

Student Representatives on the Board of Studies

Undergraduate Semester Timetables 2017/18
Undergraduate students may download the Semester Timetables from this page.

Postgraduate Semester Timetables 2017/18
Postgraduate students may download the Semester Timetables from this page.


Certificate in Language Proficiency
Information regarding the Certificate in Language Proficiency, including Semester 1 and Semester 2 timetables.

Approved Combinations of Areas of Study
Approved Combinations Of Areas Of Study for October 2018

Diploma fil-Letteratura Maltija
Students may download the Semester Timetables from this page.

Students' Requests Committee Meeting: Undergraduates only
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Long Essay/Dissertation/Thesis Authenticity Form
Authenticity Form for Long Essay/Dissertation/Thesis


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