About us

The Department of Construction & Management has a remit to focus on the construction process and its management, including materials, construction processes for buildings and engineering works, project and construction management, contracts and legislation, health and safety, cost control, real estate and geodetics.

Our Department aims to build up the Faculty’s capacity to deliver courses on the complete set of related disciplines, as well as to research and study the development of the construction industry and of the real estate market. This unit aims to give the construction process and its management the required importance.

There is, however, probably no greater demand, in the industry, for professionals who work in the management of the construction process of buildings and engineering works, who understand procurement systems and their legislative implications. They lead in the very important and topical issues of health and safety on site, assist developers and contractors with cost and value engineering, direct time and quality management of projects,  assist in the resolution of construction disputes, and understand the real estate market and its management.

Our Department promotes the study of Project Management, Construction Management, Materials Engineering, Construction Technologies and Life Cycle Engineering. It is active in research in Materials Engineering including cement bound materials and concrete, reinforced concrete structures, composites in construction, the durability performance of materials including concrete and composites, the use of waste materials including industrial by-products as cement replacement and additions in concrete and the appraisal and repair of reinforced concrete structures. It is also active in research in life cycle analysis and service life design of structures, innovative construction systems and technologies in civil engineering applications and sustainable construction.

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