About us

The Centre for Biomedical Cybernetics at the University of Malta was officially set up in 2011, with the primary aim of spearheading research in biomedical engineering and cybernetics.

The term 'biomedical cybernetics' refers to the technology-abstracted study of biological and biomedical systems and signals.

We apply:
  • systems theory
  • analysis, modelling of behaviour and control
  • signal and image acquisition, analysis and processing
  • computational intelligence, data mining and pattern recognition
to solve medical problems.

Our core competencies are strongly based on engineering foundations, and we work in very close collaboration with the Department of Systems and Control within the Faculty of Engineering. We are based in the Biomedical Engineering Laboratory, with a suite of state-of-the-art biomedical acquisition hardware, procured by the Department of Systems and Control as part of a European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Project.

We have fostered links with clinical counterparts based at Mater Dei Hospital, as well as other clinical departments within the University of Malta. This allows for our multi-disciplinary approach to tackle problems.

Our interdisciplinary environment brings together engineers and clinicians to share and discuss ideas and then take these ideas forward in terms of academic research and innovation. One of our ends is the design and development of medical devices that help mankind.

So, if you are a medical professional with an interest in developing novel ideas through the aid of technology contact us to further explore your ideas.