At CEER we embrace innovative features in our approach.

These innovative features are:
  • an emphasis on the process of an educational experience rather than on its product
  • the adoption of a multidisciplinary as well as an interdisciplinary methodology that allows a thorough understanding of environmental issues. This approach brings together not only the perspectives of the natural and the social sciences, but also the various disciplines within each paradigm
  • a holistic systems approach to understanding environmental problems that mirrors the complex nature of the environment
  • a learner-centred approach that focuses attention on the learner’s environment and its associated problems rather than on abstract constructs
  • an issue-oriented methodology that helps learners to apply problem solving skills to resolve complex sustainable development issues
  • an action-oriented strategy that prompts learners to take concrete steps towards adopting sustainable lifestyles
  • measures to ensure accessibility and equal opportunities both on an individual basis (i.e. irrespective of age, gender and walk of life) and also on a regional level (i.e. facilitating the integration of poorer countries).