The English Communicative Aptitude (ECA) programme, designed and coordinated by the Centre for English Language Proficiency (CELP), equips students at UM with an enhanced competence in the English language.

The programme targets students’ needs for better transferability of skills, enables them to successfully complete their course of study, and increases their opportunities for future mobility. Throughout the duration of this 12 ECTS programme, students are provided with a safe space in which to take risks while experimenting with their linguistic skills.

Classroom sessions act as the ideal context in which to use English. The programme aims to empower students by enhancing communication in English, fostering a positive attitude towards the language, building student confidence, and encouraging independent learning. Guided by these aims, the programme seeks to guarantee effective language learning. Fundamentally, the programme is driven by a clear vision that promotes lifelong self-improvement and moves away from a deficit orientation.

Our Centre is aware of the fast-changing demands placed on students both prior to university entry and throughout their chosen course, as well as the pressure on being career ready. Effective oral and written communication is considered one of the key areas dominating 21st century education. Clarity and conciseness are at the core of effective communication, and these are some of the key skills that are directly addressed by the programme through continuous targeted practice until mastery is achieved.

Eligibility for ECA

A Needs Analysis Exercise (NAE) has been developed to determine which students have the most immediate need for the programme. Students who are not in possession of a grade A, B or C at either Intermediate or Advanced level are required to participate in the NAE. Students who are in possession of SEC passes grades 1 – 5 are also required to participate in the NAE. Performance in the NAE will determine whether students will be required to enrol on the ECA programme.

For further information on the ECA programme, please read the ECA policy  .