About us

The Centre for the Centre for Molecular Medicine & Biobanking

  • conducts academic programmes in the discipline of Molecular Medicine and BioBanking
  • stores human and other biological samples and associated data with suitable informed consent and ethical approval according to best practices
  • provides continuous education both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels within the scope of the Centre subject to the statutes, regulations and bye-laws of the University
  • provides advanced molecular diagnostic services in the health and related sectors
  • works alongside/ collaborates with European and international institutions with the aim to enhance the profile of the Centre within the regional, European and international research area, in areas related to biobanking and biomolecular resources
  • engages in knowledge transfer and awareness raising initiatives on biobanking and biomolecular resources with companies, organisations and other institutions outside the University to promote best-practice (e.g. to promote a more efficient use of biomolecular resources; to promote better sample and data sharing)
  • disseminates acquired knowledge through online media, publications, seminars, conferences and teaching programmes, and
  • represents the University of Malta as the BBMRI.MT node within the structure of the BioBanking and BioMolecular Research Infrastructure of the European Union.