Studying with us

M.Sc. in Digital Games

Our M.Sc. in Digital Games is a two-year programme taught by leading researchers in fields of game analysis, game design and game technology.

Students work on practical game development projects and apply techniques of game design to areas such as education and media. They also engage in critical game analysis and develop experiments with digital game technology.

Game design is the core of the programme and is taken by all students. In our game design classes, students learn the techniques and processes involved in conceptualising and crafting a game and reflect on the socio-cultural roles and aspirations of game design. They explore game ideas, build and test prototypes and develop games by themselves or as part of a creative team. The M.Sc. is available as a full-time taught course, part-time taught course, and by research.

Students choose to complement their study of game design with one of two streams:

This stream explores how the humanities (particularly philosophy, literature and cultural studies) help us to understand what games are, what they do and how we experience them. Students learn to employ theoretical and conceptual tools to critically analyse games, model player experiences and understand narrative in games.
This stream engages with the technological aspects of games, together with related fields of computer science. Students learn the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue research in artificial and computational intelligence, machine learning, affective computing, procedural game content generation and computational game creativity. They also learn about game engines and graphics programming. Students of this stream should have a background in computer science or engineering and experience with object-oriented programming languages.