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A 5 ECTS micro-credential course consisting of 1 study-unit "DLT5201 - MiCA: Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation"

To apply, select the "DLT5201 - MiCA: Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation" study-unit. Click here to get started: https://esims.um.edu.mt/esims/sits.urd/run/siw_ipp_lgn.login?process=siw_ipp_app&code2=0003&code1=VISDLT

Crypto Compliance Unlocked: Mastering MiCA

In the dynamic world of digital finance, the crypto asset industry has positioned itself at the forefront of financial innovation, challenging the status quo of traditional financial institutions with its emphasis on peer-to-peer transactions and minimal reliance on financial intermediaries. This rapid growth, characterised by the birth of novel financial products, has unfolded largely outside the purview of traditional regulatory frameworks, leading to the emergence of new intermediaries and, consequently, a slew of challenges, including market instability and diminished trust—issues starkly highlighted by events like the Terra/Luna collapse or the FTX scandal. 

Recognising the imperative for regulatory oversight in this burgeoning sector, the European Union has introduced the Markets in Crypto Assets Regulation (MiCA), a landmark legislative framework aimed at addressing the unique challenges posed by the crypto asset industry. 

This short course on the Regulation of Crypto Assets under MiCA is meticulously crafted to offer participants a comprehensive understanding of the EU's regulatory response to the complexities of the crypto asset market. Designed for a diverse audience, from financial professionals and legal practitioners to policymakers and crypto enthusiasts, this study unit aims to combine theoretical insights with practical applications. Participants will emerge with a nuanced understanding of MiCA's pivotal role in shaping the future of digital finance, equipped to tackle the regulatory complexities of the crypto asset market with confidence and strategic foresight.


Key Quick facts

Application link (select the "DLT5201 - MiCA: Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation" study-unit): https://esims.um.edu.mt/esims/sits.urd/run/siw_ipp_lgn.login?process=siw_ipp_app&code2=0003&code1=VISDLT

Study-unit details: https://www.um.edu.mt/courses/overview/visdlt-dlt5201-sem1-pt-2024-5-o/

ECTS Credits: 5

Duration: 10 sessions (Monday to Friday, between 16:00 and 18:30)

Dates: November 4-15, 2024, weekdays only 

Deadline to Apply: 16 September, 2024; applications will be evaluated on a first-come, first-served basis

Requirements to Apply: a first degree in relevant disciplines

Fees: 750 Euros (eligible for the “Get Qualified” scheme by the Government of Malta)

Location: Online (links will be circulated via email)

Certification: Subject to a successful submission of a final assignment, participants will be awarded a course certificate worth 5 ECTS credits.


Intended Outcomes

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Interpret and apply the technological underpinnings of blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) within a regulatory context.
  • Comprehend the evolution, objectives, and scope of the MiCA Regulation, translating complex legislative goals into actionable insights.
  • Critically analyse the regulatory framework of MiCA, assessing its impact on various crypto assets and service providers.
  • Develop effective compliance strategies, integrating MiCA's requirements with operational practices.
  • Argue the implications of MiCA for the future of crypto regulation in scholarly and professional discourse, showcasing the ability to communicate complex ideas persuasively and coherently.


Target Groups

This course is ideal for:

  • Crypto Asset Managers: Overseeing portfolios and ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • Compliance Officers: Ensuring adherence to crypto business regulations.
  • Blockchain Entrepreneurs: Launching projects and understanding the regulatory landscape.
  • Legal Consultants and Lawyers: Advising clients with a deeper knowledge of MiCA.
  • Financial Analysts: Making informed investment decisions within the regulatory framework.
  • Regulatory Affairs Specialists: Bridging the gap between innovation and compliance.
  • Tech Developers in Blockchain: Ensuring products comply with MiCA regulations.
  • Cryptocurrency Traders and Investors: Understanding regulatory implications.
  • Financial Educators and Academics: Incorporating MiCA into curriculums or research.
  • Consumer Advocates: Championing rights and protection in the digital space.
  • Policy Makers and Regulators: Developing policies and enforcing regulations.
  • Fintech Enthusiasts and Hobbyists: Learning about regulatory aspects for personal interest.


Course Outline

The course is divided into 10 sessions, each lasting 2.5 hours. These sessions will cover the following content:

Underlying Technology of Crypto-assets: This module introduces the foundational technologies of blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), critical for understanding the innovations and challenges within the crypto market.

Evolution of Crypto Regulation to MiCA: Traces the development of crypto regulation from varied national frameworks to the cohesive MiCA regulation, setting the stage for understanding its significance in the financial regulatory landscape.

Introduction and Scope of MiCA Regulation: Offers an in-depth analysis of MiCA's scope, defining which assets and activities fall under its purview and establishing the regulatory criteria.

Regulation of Title II Assets under MiCA: Focuses on Title II assets, detailing their classification, compliance requirements, and the implications for market participants.

Stablecoins and MiCA Regulation: Examines the specific considerations and regulatory standards for stablecoins, reflecting on their potential market impact and the mechanisms for ensuring their stability.

Crypto-Asset Service Providers Regulation: Outlines the obligations and standards for service providers in the crypto sector, emphasising licensing, operational standards, and consumer protection.

AML/KYC Considerations for Cryptoassets: Addresses the critical aspects of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) practices within the crypto asset space.

Compliance Strategies and Practical Tips: Provides practical advice on regulatory compliance, focusing on strategies for navigating the regulatory landscape effectively.

International Taxation of Cryptoassets: Provides insights on the tax implications of cryptoasset transactions and how to navigate them.

Beyond Crypto: Explores the future trajectory of crypto regulation, considering the rise of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Decentralised Finance (DeFi), and Decentralised Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).


To apply, select the "DLT5201 - MiCA: Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation" study-unit. Click here to get started: https://esims.um.edu.mt/esims/sits.urd/run/siw_ipp_lgn.login?process=siw_ipp_app&code2=0003&code1=VISDLT