Field placements

MTL Field Placement 2020-21 

MTL Field Placement 2020-21
Block Practicum Booklet FT
Block Practicum Booklet PT


Teaching Practice Dates 

 Field Placement Dates  


Consent forms  

Self-Recording Student Consent Form
Parents/Guardians Consent Form
Formola ta' Kunsens


Continuation Practicum Recordings Extension Request 

Recordings Extension Request

Zoom for Recordings of Practicum Lessons

Using Zoom (for students)
For the password please contact Faculty of Education students can access this page.


Master in Teaching and Learning

MTL Full-Time Observation attendance sheet (1st and 2nd Year)  
MTL Part-Time Observation attendance sheet (1st and 2nd Year)  
LLI5001 MTL Full-Time Attendance sheet  
LLI5001 (part 1) MTL Part-Time Attendance sheet
LLI5001 (part 2) MTL Part-Time Attendance sheet  
LLI5002 MTL Full-Time Attendance sheet  
LLI5002 MTL Part-Time Attendance sheet  
MTL Field Placement guidelines  

Field Placement Assessment Sheets
Two versions are available for download:
a. Digital version with expandable text fields and fill in directly using your laptop
b. Printable version



Practicum Oral Examination Assessment Sheet for 2nd Year MTL

e-MTL Assessment-2nd Year Oral Examination 


B.A.(Hons) Early Childhood Education and Care

LLI1001 1st Year Observation attendance sheet   
LLI1001 1st Year TP attendance sheet  
LLI2001 2nd Year Observation attendance sheet   
LLI2001 2nd Year TP attendance sheet  

B.A.(Hons) Facilitating Inclusive Education

Practical Placement Handbook  

Erasmus Students

EDU2101 Data Information Sheet  
EDU2101 Attendance Sheet