Our facilities

Grid Connected Photovoltaic and Wind Energy Systems
Various Electric Bicycles
Passive and Active Filters for Power Quality Improvement
High Voltage and Current DC power supplies
Power Electronics, Power Systems and Electrical Machines software packages
100kVA Flywheel UPS
Wave Energy Conversion Emulator Rig
Linear Motor Rig
Prototype AC Microgrid
Various Power and Energy meters
Induction Motor, Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor and Switched Reluctance Motor rigs with Variable Frequency Drives
Machine Loading Units up to 50kW
Wind Energy Conversion Emulator Rig
Various Power Electronic Converters
High Bandwidth Instrumentation for Power Electronic Measurements
Various domestic scaled Combined Heat and Power Plants
DC and AC motor and generator test beds
Single phase transformer rigs
Electric Car with Lithium Ion Battery Technology
Electric Boats
Solar Catamaran
Battery Charging Equipment