Our facilities

A computer network with Labview and Altium licenses to design PCBs and control electronic systems
50MHz Arbitrary programmable function generators
200Mhz Digital Storage Oscilloscopes
Triple Output programmable precision bench power supplies
3GHz Mixed Domain Oscilloscope ( includes logic analyzer, spectrum analyzer and protocol analyzer)
National Instruments Data Acquisition Boards
FPGA Development Boards
Microcontroller Development Boards
20Mhz programmable function generators
100Mhz Digital Storage Oscilloscopes
Various bench power supplies
General purpose soldering stations
PCB Structuring Laboratory
  • UV Laser PCB structuring system
  • CNC PCB structuring system
  • Multilayer Press
  • Stereolithographic 3D Printer
  • Eyepiece-less Stereo Inspection Microscope (21x -120x magnification)
  • X-ray Inspection facility ( up to 5600x magnification)
PCB Finishing Laboratory
  • Through-hole copper and tin plating facility
  • Hand operated mechanical through-hole plating facility
  • Vapour phase Oven
  • Reflow oven with 8 independently controlled heating zones
  • Dry film Solder mask Laminator
  • Brushing machine 
  • Ultrasonic cleaner
PCB Assembly Laboratory
  • High speed, high accuracy solder paste dispenser
  • Weller high precision rework station
  • Advanced soldering/desoldering stations ideal for SMT soldering
  • Weller Hot air station
  • Manual pick and place systems
  • Semi-automatic pick and place systems
  • Eyepiece-less Stereo Inspection Microscope (10x -60x magnification)