About us

The Department of Economics hosts a diverse staff with considerable experience in academia and applied economics work.

Our Department forms part of the Faculty of Economics, Management & Accountancy (FEMA) at UM. Besides servicing a number of departments across the University, we offer a rich undergraduate teaching curriculum comparable with those of leading universities, which is regularly updated to reflect developments in the field. Core subjects like microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics, applied topics such as public sector economics, monetary economics and international economics, are complimented by a range of other topics that reflect the expertise and research of interest of staff, such as health economics, environmental economics, small island and development economics, cost benefit analysis and behavioural economics.

On the research front, we are particularly strong on economics of the public sector and applications thereof. Our Department hosts leading researchers in the field of economics of small islands and states. The Department also prides itself on taking an active role in policy development, the media and outreach events with a view to ensuring academic impact on real world affairs.

Our students are guided to make the right career choices: the range of topics, the experience of the staff in the field, as well as regular seminars with practitioners, help ensure that students are exposed to real world applications of economics. Graduates in economics are increasingly in demand in the job market. Typically all students secure a job in the field within a few months of graduating in institutions such as Central Bank of Malta, the Government of Malta, government entities, private consultancies or commercial banks. Our alumni occupy diplomatic positions, positions within the European Commission, the United Nations, academia, the media and politics.