About us

Marketing is an increasingly evolving science.

From designing sustainable strategies to dealing with emerging big data realities, revolutionary supply channels or developing an advertising campaign, marketing has become a core element of every organisation. The Department of Marketing at the University of Malta prepares executives for exciting marketing challenges at any level.

We aim to make a positive contribution to the marketing community by conducting research around themes that are applied, in demand and essential to organisations in a broad range of industrial and community settings. Our contemporary research empowers marketing executives to make smarter decisions that catalyse organisations’ growth and success.

Our teaching relies on both our research as well as that of leading academics in the field. Together these insights help transform students into first class executives who make next generation organisations market leaders.  We offer programmes at Diploma, Bachelor, Master and Doctoral levels, exclusively in marketing or in conjunction with a second related subject. Our academics hail from a diversity of industrial backgrounds and are engaged in the delivery over 80 study-units during each academic year to over 700 students. The structure of our programmes guarantees that graduates can successfully choose and undertake a role from a wide array of career options in both academic and executive sectors.

The Higher Diploma (3 years), Diploma (2 years) and the Certificate in Marketing and Sales Management (1 year) are evening programmes intended for part-time students who may already be engaged in employment. The programmes help students earn the knowledge, skills and understanding of the best practices in sales and marketing in a diversity of commercial settings.

The Bachelor of Commerce is a 3 year full-time learning programme. Students develop cutting edge thinking and skills  both Marketing and a secondary related subject such as Accountancy, Banking & Finance, Economics, Insurance, Management and Public Policy, thus equipping themselves for prospective marketing roles in an endless range of employment environments. Bachelor of Commerce graduates may opt to proceed to attain the Honours Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing. Here, they consolidate and deepen their understanding and capabilities in marketing strategy design and execution through a strong foundation in research and hands-on skills on tools for strategy formulation.