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Student requests

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Request form for a Change in Mode of Attendance (for undergraduate and postgraduate courses)

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Request form for an extension of studies (for undergraduate courses )

Request form for an extension of studies (for postgraduate courses )

Suspension of studies

Request form for a suspension of studies (for undergraduate and postgraduate courses)

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Student requests should be presented to the Departmental Secretary for onward transmission to the Board of Studies for the course.

Requests made in view of health problems should be accompanied by a specialist medical certificate including the medical registration number of the specialist concerned. Medical certificates issued by a family member of the student or National Insurance medical certificates or pre-printed certificates for the purpose of exempting pupils from attending school are NOT acceptable for this purpose. Only medical certificates written by medical practitioners who are certified and practising in Malta are accepted.

For any queries relating to student requests please contact Ms Doris Wright - Secretary to the Faculty Board of Health Sciences.