Health insurance scheme

The University of Malta (UM), Mediterranean Insurance Brokers (Malta) Ltd (MIB) and Atlas PPP Healthcare are pleased to announce the renewal of the Employee Benefit Scheme for the period 1 March 2021 to 28 February 2022. The rates of contributions are:

Employees Opt 1a Opt 2a Opt 3a
0 - 20 yrs
21 - 39 yrs
40 – 64 yrs
Over 65 yrs

Dependants Opt 1a Opt 2a Opt 3a
0 – 20 yrs
21- 39 yrs
40 – 64 yrs
Over 65 yrs
€126.85 €366.75

Option 1a is covered in full by the UM for its full-time staff. Staff under Option 2a and 3a have to deduct the relevant Opt 1 premium paid by the University for its full-time staff.

The following rates have to be added to the rates for standard option 1, 2 or 3:

Employees Preventive Care Plus Denplan
0 - 20 yrs €11.95 €29.60
21 – 39 yrs
40 – 64 yrs
Over 65 yrs
Dependants Preventive Care Plus Denplan
0 - 20 yrs €11.95 €29.60
21 – 39 yrs
40 - 64 yrs €76.03 €63.35
Over 65 yrs
€108.35 €90.30

Members of staff who wish to upgrade their cover are required to fill in the relevant proposal form/s. If dependents are being included for the first time or are upgrading their cover, they should include their details on the staff member’s proposal form. Pre-existing conditions (if any) will not be covered under the upgraded cover for staff members and on all covers for dependents.

Starting from last year Atlas PPP Healthcare is offering the Dental Plan to staff that are insured under options 2 or 3 only. Staff wishing to include this benefit to their cover is to fill in the Dental Plan application form.

UM will continue to give the opportunity to its employees to pay the premium in monthly installments. Therefore, members of staff who have not taken this option last year, and would like to opt for it now, are required to send an email.

UM undertakes to contribute on a pro-rata basis, the premium of its employees who are engaged on a part-time or reduced hour basis. These members of staff are not automatically insured. Contact Ms Francesca Cerbino to check whether you are insured or not.

You can download all the relevant forms and the new 'Table of Benefits' or obtain them from Room 216, Administration Building, University of Malta, Msida.


As a UM member of staff, if you wish to upgrade your cover, you would need to inform the Employee Benefit Scheme Office, by sending an email with all the relevant details (ID number, chosen option, dependent`s details and the chosen method of payment) by not later than Friday, 5 March 2021. Additional to this, you should complete the application form, available on the University`s website, disclosing your full medical/dental history, and send the form/s as duly finalised by 5 March 2021 by email.

Late submissions will not be accepted. Employees are advised to retain a copy of the final form/s submitted to the insurance. 


Ms Francesca Cerbino or send an email
Ms Brenda Farrugia on Tel: +356 2343 3403 or send an email.