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The department of AI manages a number of research laboratories housed at Block A Level -1 in the Faculty of ICT at the University of Malta Msida Campus.  These labs are specifically designed to bring together researchers working on the main areas of research tackled within the department while providing a collaborative environment are always buzzing with activity.

All the labs can also serve as multipurpose rooms with equipment being easily reorganized in order to tackle challenges that require an inter-disciplinary approach.  While housing specialized equipment, these research labs are also designed to host ideation activities such as design sprints and focus groups.

  • Web Intelligence and Search Engine Technology Research Lab
The web serves as the largest collection of data and information the world has ever seen. This research lab focuses on the exploration of this technology and the various ways we can navigate through this massive source of information.

  • Robotics and Natural Interfaces Research Lab
Automation is redefining tomorrow’s businesses and homes and we believe that our students and researchers need an adequate space where to explore topics related to this field.  With the emergence of the Voice User Interface, users are expecting to use natural language to communicate with machines and assign tasks.  This research lab brings together a collection of equipment that allows researchers to explore topics related to the internet of things (IOT) and natural interfaces such as computer vision and natural language processing.

  • Language and Reasoning Technologies Research Lab
Since we are operating within a small country that boasts its own unique language, we dedicated one of our laboratories to the study of natural language processing and related technology.  One of the main challenges in this field of research is the availability of data and its collection when required.  This research lab aims to facilitate this process while providing the right controlled space for the exploration of this area.

  • AI Gaming Research Lab
Tossing a coin and guessing the outcome might keep us entertained for a couple of minutes but humans expect significant intelligence in the algorithms that drive today’s games.  Within the department of AI, we dedicate significant effort on the use of AI in games that are either used for leisure or serious environments such as training and education.  This research lab provides the right space for the exploration of this topic within a highly collaborative environment.
Last Updated: 25 May 2019

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