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With an estimated global spending increase of more than 400% in AI and Machine Learning, there has never been a more exciting time to study AI than now! And the Department of AI within the Faculty of ICT has designed courses that reflect the nature and needs of the industry as well as making course content practical with a hands-on edge.

Undergraduate studies

B.Sc. in Information Technology (Hons) (Artificial Intelligence)

Are you ready to embark on a course that is challenging and fun at the same time? Our undergraduate course in Artificial Intelligence provides you with an ideal mix of theory and practice. You will learn about the different types of algorithms and machine learning techniques that are used in the industry and at the same time you will have the opportunity to build robots and participate in Game Jams and other programming competitions. We give you the space to bring your own ideas and dreams to the table and turn them into potential projects, whilst at the same time guiding you to maximise your learning potential.

Our Bachelor's programme is tailored for students who want to enter the ICT industry but at the same time study about the latest technologies in the AI industry. It will also serve as a good basis for those who want to further their studies at postgraduate level. Get to know more.

Postgraduate studies

We have a number of postgraduate options which allow students different possibilities according to what they are after.

M.Sc. A.I. (Taught & Research)

Our most popular programme is the M.Sc. in AI, which consists of both a taught and a research component. Lectures for the taught component are held after 17:00 to allow people already working in the IT industry to follow the M.Sc. The course content aims to further improve your knowledge and expertise in AI. This programme has been developed in such a way as to offer full flexibility without compromising the quality of the course content. The taught component offers you the possibility to gain expertise in various fields such as Big Data, Fintech, Automation, Vision and Natural Language Processing, whilst the research component allows you to develop a research project in conjunction with your supervisor in any one of the research areas on offer.

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M.Sc. A.I. (Research)

For those who would like to pursue an M.Sc. by research, we provide the students the flexibility to draw up their research proposal and identify a potential supervisor at an early stage. This path offers a more autonomous self-directed study path, allowing potential students to work on a much larger research project and therefore delving more into the depth of the research question. This programme is available either full-time (3 semesters including the summer semester) or part-time (5 semesters including summer semester).

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Short Courses in Artificial Intelligence

If committing to an M.Sc. degree might sound too daunting, our selection of short courses might be your ideal path to increase your level of expertise in AI. The courses constitute part of the M.Sc. (Taught & Research) degree, with the difference that this path allows you to take them at your own pace.

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M.Sc. in Human Language Science & Technology

The M.Sc. in Human Language Science and Technology (HLST) is a unique programme offered in collaboration with several other Universities. It is a dual Masters programme through which students spend one year in Malta and another year in one of our partner universities. Upon successful completion of the programme, students are awarded two Masters degrees from the two institutions where they carried out their studies. The majority of this M.Sc. programme is based on a taught component allowing students to gain knowledge in the different facets of human language technology - linguistics, computer science, data science and artificial intelligence. Many of our graduates end up furthering their studies going on to doctorate programmes with highly ranked universities or else working in the industry with large international companies.

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Doctorate Programme (Ph.D.)

This is the pinnacle of study, with a major focus on research, delving into a specific research field and becoming an expert of that field through the process of the PhD. This path is open to those who already have a M.Sc. degree and are prepared to take their research to the next level. Get to know more.