About us

The International Institute for Baroque Studies was founded in 1996 with the aim to disseminate multidisciplinary knowledge about the Baroque heritage and its conservation.

It has since been engaged in various teaching activities at undergraduate and postgraduate level, together with extensive research, consultancy services and the publication of prestigious books, as well as the peer-reviewed Journal of Baroque Studies. The International Institute for Baroque Studies has also organised several international conferences, seminars and symposia on themes concerning the Baroque age.

The International Institute for Baroque Studies serves as a focal centre for scholars involved in primary source research on various aspects of the Baroque age allowing the dissemination of such research among fellow academics, students and the general public. Its main areas of research include Baroque art and architecture, Military architecture and the conservation of Baroque heritage.

Through its various courses which include the Pre-tertiary Certificate in Baroque Architecture, the Diploma in Baroque Architecture the Master of Arts in Baroque Studies and the Ph.D. in Baroque Studies, the Institute has instilled a greater awareness and sensitivity to numerous students who went on to apply the skills learned in their respective professions. In addition, the Institute organises several short-courses and public lectures to encourage a greater appreciation of the Baroque age.