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ISE 2020 - Net Zero Energy Building Strategies

This study unit targets EPC assessors, practicing professionals and project managers in the building industry and building services. This unit will enhance their knowledge and empower them to take appropriate decisions for the design of new buildings or plan deep renovation of existing buildings, to be in line with the requirements of the European Directive 2010/31/EU on Energy Performance of Buildings and its update EU/2018/844. All new and renovated buildings will have to be near zero energy after January 2021. The study unit shall cover three main aspects of buildings, namely designing for higher efficiency (building envelope and building services), integrating renewables in building designs and performing appropriate financial and environmental analysis of the final proposed energy efficiency and renewable energies measures for a particular project. 

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Training courses in Renewable Energy

ISE 2101: Technical Guidance on Photovoltaic Systems Installations - Single Phase

ISE 2102: Technical Guidance on Solar Heating Systems Installations

ISE 2103: Technical Guidance on Photovoltaic Systems Installations - Single &Three Phase

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Refresher courses in Renewable Energy

ISE 2111: Single-Phase PV Installers Refresher Training

ISE 2112: Solar Thermal Installers Refresher Training

ISE 2113: Three-Phase PV Installers Refresher Training

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