Fees and funding

All the information you need about tuition and other related fees

Applicants holding local qualifications
Applications for courses opening in October 2020, for persons holding local qualifications, are available until 23 July 2020 at 14:00 at a fee of EUR 23.

Applicants holding international qualifications
Late applications for courses opening in October 2020, for persons holding overseas qualifications, are available until 31 August 2020 at 14:00 at a fee of EUR 125.

Applicants with international qualifications
Our fee for early bird applications is EUR 50. After 16 March at 14:00, until the application deadline, the fee will increase to EUR 95.  

Local applicants
The application processing fee for applicants with UM’s qualifications is fixed at EUR 23 until the deadline of applications.
With regard to tuition fees, we make a distinction between science-based, arts-based and business-related courses (refer to the definition of this  ).

Tuition fees, where applicable, are available in the overview for each course for both Non-EU/Non-EEA and EU/EEA citizens.

The annual fees for doctoral students, reading for courses leading to Ph.D, D.Mus and S.Th.D, are as follows:
Full-time - EUR 11,000
Part-time EUR 5,500

Full time - EUR 600
  • Arts-based and business-related - EUR 1,350
  • Science based - EUR 2,000

Bench fees cover the cost of your consumable materials and facilities used during research projects and will be established on a case by case basis. Additional information is available in the UM bench fees guidelines.  

An extension of studies gives you additional time to complete your dissertation/thesis. Whether you are registered on a part-time or full-time basis, in special circumstances, UM may grant you an extension of studies to finish your work. In this case, fees are applicable as follows:

Undergraduate level (applicable only to fee-paying students)
In the undesirable circumstance of failing a year of studies and you have to repeat the year of studies the standard annual tuition fee will apply. If however, you fail the first two assessment attempts of an individual study-unit/s and you would still qualify to progress to the subsequent year, you will only be charged a pro-rata additional fee according to the ECTS value.

Postgraduate and doctoral level
Both Non-EU/EEA and EU/EEA part-time or full-time students who are granted an extension of studies shall pay an annual fee of EUR 400, for postgraduate courses (leading to a Master’s degree) and € 600 for doctoral courses.
From time to time, research entities within the University of Malta publish calls for funded opportunities as part of research programmes, including scholarships for postgraduate and doctoral research. Funded studentships on such programmes may offer the chance to study as part of a cohort of researchers.
The Government of Malta offers scholarships to fund tertiary studies, even at doctoral level (EQF level 8). Announcements and details about these scholarship schemes are issued periodically. It is important to go through individual calls to ensure that you are eligible. Financial support  is also available to through the Get Qualified scheme and Tax Deduction schemes.

Further information
University fees are required to be paid on the due date indicated on the issued invoice/s. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure timely settlement of fees as well as compliance with the University Fees Policy  .

If you depend on scholarships or on another source of funding, which transfer the funds at a later date, you will be allowed to pay by instalments. In this case, the Finance Office needs to be notified in advance and these requests are treated on a case by case basis.

University fees are established through Subsidiary Legislation 327.177 - University Fees Regulations  .

Full / partial exemption from payment of University fees may only be granted by the Ministry for Education and Employment.

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