Fees and funding

With regard to fees, the subsidiary legislation 327.177   clearly identifies the different categories of students. One of these categories, which has the highest number of students, is the EU and EEA category. Students in this category are considered as local students and in certain cases they are entitled to tuition fee waivers.

Tuition fees are payable to the UM Finance Office and are normally paid at the beginning of the academic year. All information about course fees is available on the course details.

If you depend on scholarships or on another source of funding, which transfer the funds at a later date, you will be allowed to pay by installments. In this case, the Finance Office needs to be notified in advance and these requests are treated on a case by case basis.

Other fees that may be payable to UM are bench fees. These fees cover the cost of consumable materials and facilities used during research projects and will be established on a case by case basis. (Legal Notice 258 of 2009). To get an idea of the bench fees at UM download these guidelines  .

Funding opportunities are available for local prospective students. Download these guidelines  .

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