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Department of Commercial Law

The main objective of the Department of Commercial Law is to introduce students in a comprehensive and systematic format to the law regulating traders, undoubtedly a fascinating and vital element of any legal system.  Modern day business activities are extremely varied and dynamic extending from retail and wholesale trade and intellectual property rights to shipping, company administration and financial services. The Department seeks to provide the most updated position of how business is regulated in its various sectors including recent important reforms in relatively new areas, such as in competition and consumer law. 
The courses offered show that trading activity is best carried on within legally and socially accepted boundaries which are set out in the Commercial Code and other legislation. The course units analyze how the law allows trade to develop and innovate within a free and fairly regulated market place subject to a workable, coherent and sufficiently sophisticated legal framework whereby entrepreneurs may pursue their legitimate activities. 
Students would thereby be able to develop an understanding that trade is a multi-facetted phenomenon which, when properly regulated, creates wealth and job opportunities and is therefore crucial for a working and viable modern economy.

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