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Department of Criminal Law

The Department of Criminal Law seeks to prepare students for the study and practice of substantive criminal law and the law of evidence and procedure through the examination o a broad selection of topics which cover the more significant aspects of the subject. The Department fosters an inquisitive and critical approach to the study of criminal law by providing comprehensive preparation on basic principles and on recurrent themes in order to generate in the students informed insights into the fundamental concepts which are at the foundation of criminal law. The main objective is that of demonstrating how the different concepts integrate with one another into a harmonised structure which is continuously in a state of development and evolution.

Moreover, through the detailed analysis of a number of specific criminal offences the ability of students to systematically analyse any new offences which may be enacted is promoted and cultivated. Finally, a number of course units seeks to inculcate in students an awareness and better understanding of how the rules of procedure and evidence are not just an accumulation of sterile and arbitrary precepts but are meant to ensure the realisation of the ultimate objective of the criminal trial which is the discovery of the truth and to give substance to the fundamental human rights of due process of law and freedom from arbitrary arrest and detention.


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