Our mission at the Outreach Department is to establish an ongoing partnership with faculty and students.

Set up in 2012, the team at the Outreach Department, answers questions about the Library and informs the University community of new services, programmes and resources available at the UM Library.

We dedicate our energy to reach the ever-expanding UM audience, from students and student organisations to UM staff, by making use of the communication channels available.

We are committed to providing assistance and support on library services such as HyDi and RefWorks. Refer to the Training Workshops schedule or contact us for one-to-one training or to set up training classes for students.

Another of our objectives is to identify potential marketing campaigns and adapt them to the UM environment. For this reason the department is always on the lookout for possible collaborations with other entities to organise events at the Library. Organisations interested in making use of the Library premises or having ideas about activities that can be organised in conjunction with the Library are encouraged to send us an email.

We organise activities during annual events such as Science in the City, Fresher’s Week, and Library Week. We are responsible for the Library website and Facebook page which are updated on a regular basis.

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