Library regulations

Library regulations

  1. The title of these regulations is the Library Regulations.
  2. In these regulations, unless the context otherwise requires - 'item' means all printed and electronic sources of information; 'Director' means the Director, Library Services and includes any officer in charge of the Library during the absence of the Director; 'Library' means any University premises under the immediate jurisdiction of the Director Library Services; and 'patron' means any person using the Library by virtue of his eligibility under regulation 3.
These regulations shall be applicable from 1st March, 2017 onwards.
The Library shall be open for the purposes of study and research to:
(a) members of the University of Malta, who are entitled to borrowing privileges, as follows:
        (i) members of Council and of Senate
        (ii) all academic members of staff
        (iii) visiting academics on University service
        (iv) members of the University support staff
        (v) registered students of the University.
        All these categories are entitled to borrowing privileges.
(b) bona fide researchers to whom a temporary borrowing permit may be issued by the Director
(c) day visitors, admitted at the discretion of the Director, who may not borrow any item.
In the case of permits issued in terms of regulation 3(b):
(a) the Director shall charge an annual fee of €50, but may, in the case of donors and occasional users of the library, waive the fee; and
(b) applications for such permits shall be made on the prescribed form.
  1. At any one time authorized Library patrons may have in their possession not more than the number of items specified below:
            (a) a member of the University's academic staff - thirty (30);
            (b) a research student of the University reading for a higher degree - ten (10);
            (c) University support staff - six (6); and
            (d) all other Library members - six (6).
    The Director may adjust these allocations at his discretion.
  2. Without prejudice to items issued on short loan, or for any other period shorter than three weeks, the period allowed for the loan of each item is as follows:
    (a) categories (a), (b), and (c) in sub-regulation (1): three months; and
    (b) category (d) in sub-regulation (1): three weeks.
  3. Without prejudice to the provisions of sub-regulation (8), a loan may be renewed for a further period or periods.
  4. The Director may, at his discretion, restrict borrowing to short loans. The period for short loans shall be specified by the Director.
  5. All items required for loan must be presented together with the patron’s library card at the circulation desk.
  6. Patrons may not take any item out of the Library without executing the appropriate loan procedure.  In the case of items which are not yet covered by the Library’s computerised system, their circulation and renewal shall continue to follow the ‘manual borrowing’ procedure of the circulation desk.
  7. The date-due slip or the stamped date-label indicate when an item is due for return, unless this date is subsequently superseded by a recall notification.  It is the responsibility of the borrower to ensure that items on loan are duly returned to the Library.
  8. Any item on loan may be recalled, if required by another patron, or if required for teaching purposes, or if so requested by the Director.  Such items must be returned within one week from notification that the item is required by another patron, unless the date due for the return of that item falls beforehand.
  9. All items must be returned to the Library site from which they were borrowed by the date specified.
  10. Library patrons returning an item shall wait at the circulation desk to receive their original manual loan-slip or the computer return receipt for the item returned.
  11. The manual loan-slip or the computer return receipt shall be regarded as proof of the return of an item. Their possession or non-possession shall be deemed to settle finally any question as to whether an item has or has not been returned.
  12. Library patrons shall be deemed to be in possession of an item until the manual loan-slip or computerised borrowing data have been removed from the Library's files.
  13. A Library item shall not be transferred to another Library patron unless the item is returned and re-issued in the manner prescribed in these regulations.
  14. If a book is retained beyond the loan-period without renewal, or kept beyond a recall deadline, a system of fines shall be applicable as per Schedule 1. Failure to return the Library items and/or to settle the fines shall lead to a blocking of the patron’s borrowing account and legal action if necessary.
  15. Without prejudice to the provisions of sub-regulation (16), any item on the open shelves may be borrowed on application to the circulation desk, provided that the item has been catalogued, classified and properly processed before being issued.
  16. Notwithstanding the status of an item, the Director may, at his discretion, designate whether an item should be retained for in-house consultation only.  Such items may not be borrowed.
  17. Without prejudice to the preceding provisions of this regulation, registered students of the University must return any Library items still in their possession and settle all outstanding book fines upon termination of their course of studies. The University may preclude students who do not abide by this sub-regulation from graduating.
  18. Without prejudice to the preceding provisions of this regulation, former Library patrons, including registered students who have withdrawn or are deemed to have withdrawn from their studies at the University, must return any Library items still in their possession and settle all outstanding book fines with immediate effect. The University may take legal action against former Library patrons who do not abide by this sub-regulation.
  1. Library patrons who borrow or consult an item are responsible for its safekeeping. Mutilation of items is seriously offensive.
  2. It shall be strictly forbidden to make or erase any mark in any printed item, make tracings or turn down the leaves.
  3. Library patrons may not use ink while using items in such parts of the Library as designated by the Director.
  4. Any reproduction of Library material, in whatever manner, is subject to the provisions of copyright law and the permission of the Director.
  5. Library patrons shall be required to make good to the satisfaction of the Director any loss or damage which they may cause to any Library property including borrowed items.
  6. Library patrons shall be held liable for any damages caused through misuse of the Library’s electronic services, systems and equipment.
  1. Except for those areas where group work is permitted, silence shall be maintained at all times in the Library. Mobile phones should be kept on silent mode.
  2. Smoking, food and drinks are strictly forbidden in the Library.
  3. Library staff shall not accept articles for safekeeping. The Library shall not be liable for any loss or damages incurred to the private property of patrons.
  4. Bags, cases and parcels are not allowed inside the Library. Any possessions shall be made available by patrons for inspection at Library exit points.
  5. The Director shall be responsible for the administration and the internal discipline of the Library, and shall be authorised to exclude from the Library, and from all rights and privileges of membership, any patron infringing these Regulations or behaving inappropriately.
  6. Any such exclusion shall be reported at the next meeting of the Library Committee.
The Library shall open on those days and hours as prescribed by the Library Committee from time to time.
Faculties, Institutes and Centres shall deposit a copy of student dissertations and theses at the Library as prescribed by University Statutes, Regulations and Bye-Laws. The provisions of copyright law on the use of these dissertations and theses shall be respected.
All communications regarding the use of the Library shall be addressed to the Director.
Regular Loan
  • 3 weeks (Undergraduate, Junior College) EUR 0.20 per day
  • 3 months (Postgraduate, Support Staff and Faculty) EUR 0.20 per day

Recalled Item

  • EUR 0.50 per day

Restricted Loan

  • 2 hours, Overnight or Weekend EUR 0.15 per hour

Legal Notice 141 of 2011, and 86 of 2017
Library regulations: Subsidiary Legislation 327.205