Health Sciences Library

Situated at Mater Dei Hospital, the Health Sciences Library (HSL), is one of the branch libraries of the University of Malta Library.

HSL caters for approximately 2,000 students engaged in study programmes offered by the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS), the Faculty of Medicine & Surgery (FMS) and the Faculty of Dental Surgery (FDS).

Catering for over 28 departments, the HSL supports the teaching profession of the academic staff within these faculties and also meets the needs of the health professionals at Mater Dei Hospital. Our goal is to provide access to information resources that support the instructional and research programmes pertaining to the medical sciences.

Book collections available at the HSL include:

  • MCQ's - Multiple Choice Questions
  • Melitensia - Maltese publications
  • Reference - books consulted for specific information 
  • General - books covering all the health sciences discipline
Please check our opening hours before your visit.

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