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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Letter to the editor : management of patients with Ebola virus disease in Europe : high-level isolation units should have a key roleIppolito, G.; Puro, V.; Brouqui, P.; Lauria, F. N.; Fusco, F. M.
1997Thalassaemia 97 : programme & abstractsThalassaemia International Federation
2014Varying gestational age patterns in caesarean delivery : an international comparisonDelnord, Marie; Blondel, Béatrice; Drewniak, Nicolas; Klungsøyr, Kari; Bolumar, Francisco; Mohangoo, Ashna D.; Gissler, Mika; Szamotulska, Katarzyna; Lack, Nicholas; Nijhuis, Jan; Velebil, Petr; Sakkeus, Luule; Chalmers, James; Zeitlin, Jennifer; Euro-Peristat Preterm Group
2014Infections, antibiotic treatment and mortality in patients admitted to ICUs in countries considered to have high levels of antibiotic resistance compared to those with low levelsHanberger, Håkan; Antonelli, Massimo; Holmbom, Martin; Lipman, Jeffrey; Pickkers, Peter; Leone, Marc; Rello, Jordi; Sakr, Yasser; Walther, Sten M.; Vanhems, Philippe; Vincent, Jean-Louis
2014Irrational prescribing of over-the-counter (OTC) medicines in general practice : testing the feasibility of an educational intervention among physicians in five European countriesLionis, Christos; Petelos, Elena; Shea, Sue; Bagiartaki, Georgia; Tsiligianni, Ioanna G.; Kamekis, Apostolos; Tsiantou, Vasiliki; Papadakaki, Maria; Tatsioni, Athina; Moschandreas, Joanna; Saridaki, Aristoula; Bertsias, Antonios; Faresjö, Tomas; Faresjö, Åshild; Martinez, Luc; Agius, Dominic; Uncu, Yesim; Samoutis, George; Vlcek, Jiri; Abasaeed, Abobakr; Merkouris, Bodossakis
2014Regulation of CD4+NKG2D+ Th1 cells in patients with metastatic melanoma treated with sorafenib : role of IL-15Rα and NKG2D triggeringRomero, Ana I.; Chaput, Nathalie; Poirier-Colame, Vichnou; Rusakiewicz, Sylvie; Jacquelot, Nicolas; Chaba, Kariman; Mortier, Erwan; Jacques, Yannick; Caillat-Zucman, Sophie; Flament, Caroline; Caignard, Anne; Messaoudene, Meriem; Auperin, Anne; Vielh, Philippe; Dessen, Philippe; Porta, Camillo; Mateus, Christine; Ayyoub, Maha; Valmor, Danila; Eggermont, Alexander; Robert, Caroline; Zitvogel, Laurence
1996-06Passive inhalation of cannabis smoke : a novel defence strategy?Busuttil, Anthony; Obafunwa, John; Bulgin, S.
1969-11Insidious rheumatic carditis and athletic activitiesVassallo, Luis
1962Further comparative studies of the action of demethylchlortetracycline and of tetracyclyne hydrochloride on brucella melitensis and on salmonella typhiAgius, Emanuel
1993Public health lecture notesGalea, Gauden; Agius, Francis
1960-02Bacteraemia in human brucellosisGanado, Walter; Bannister, William
1971An outbreak of lead poisoning of bread in Malta : interesting association with British naval historyVassallo, Luis
2013European guidelines for quality assurance in colorectal cancer screening and diagnosis : overview and introduction to the full supplement publicationEuropean Colorectal Cancer Screening Guidelines Working Group
2013International comparisons of fetal and neonatal mortality rates in high-income countries : should exclusion thresholds be based on birth weight or gestational age?Mohangoo, Ashna D.; Blondel, Beatrice; Gissler, Mika; Velebil, Petr; Macfarlane, Alison; Zeitlin, Jennifer
2013A new role for P2X4 receptors as modulators of lung surfactant secretionMiklavc, Pika; Thompson, Kristin E.; Frick, Manfred
2013Twenty-year trends in the prevalence of Down syndrome and other trisomies in Europe : impact of maternal age and prenatal screeningLoane, Maria; Morris, Joan K.; Addor, Marie-Claude; Arriola, Larraitz; Budd, Judith; Doray, Berenice; Garne, Ester; Gatt, Miriam; Haeusler, Martin; Khoshnood, Babak; Klungsøyr Melve, Kari; Latos-Bielenska, Anna; McDonnell, Bob; Mullaney, Carmel; O'Mahony, Mary; Queier-Wahrendorf, Annette; Rankin, Judith; Rissmann, Anke; Rounding, Catherine; Salvador, Joaquin; Tucker, David; Wellesley, Diana; Yevtushok, Lyubov; Dolk, Helen
2013The rise of carbapenem resistance in Europe : just the tip of the iceberg?Magiorakos, Anna-Pelagia; Suetens, Carl; Monnet, Dominique Louis; Gagliotti, Carlo; Heuer, Ole E.
2013Survival of European patients diagnosed with myeloid malignancies : a HAEMACARE studyMaynadié, Marc; Angelis, Roberta De; Marcos-Gragera, Rafael; Visser, Otto; Allemani, Claudia; Tereanu, Carmen; Capocaccia, Riccardo; Giacomin, Adriano; Lutz, Jean-Michel; Martos, Carmen; Sankila, Risto; Børge Johannesen, Tom; Simonetti, Arianna; Sant, Milena
2010Carbapenem-non-susceptible Enterobacteriaceae in Europe : conclusions from a meeting of national expertsGrundmann, H.; Livermore, D. M.; Giske, C. G.; Canton, R.; Rossolini, G. M.; Campos, J.; Vatopoulos, A.; Gniadkowski, M.; Caruana, Paul
2010A new coral-associated decapod assemblage from the upper Miocene (Messinian) upper coralline limestone of Malta (Central Mediterranean)Gatt, Michael; Angeli, Antonio De
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 102