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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Naḥal ḤeverCzajkowski, Kimberley; Mizzi, Dennis
2019Mareshah (Place)Mizzi, Dennis
2022Murabbaʿat, WadiMizzi, Dennis
2022Naḥal TseʾelimMizzi, Dennis
2018Archaeology of QumranMizzi, Dennis
2023Review of Scribes and scrolls at Qumran, by Sidnie White CrawfordMizzi, Dennis
2007Review of Qumran, the site of the Dead Sea Scrolls : archaeological interpretations and debates ; proceedings of a conference held at Brown University, November 17-19, 2002, edited by Katharina Galor, Jean-Baptiste Humbert, and Jürgen ZangenbergMizzi, Dennis
2014Review of Qumran und die archäologie : texte und contexte, edited by Jörg Frey, Carsten Claußen, and Nadine KesslerMizzi, Dennis
2015Review of Qumran revisited : a reassessment of the archaeology of the site and its texts, by David Stacey and Gregory Doudna, with a contribution by Gideon AvniMizzi, Dennis
2017Review of Khirbet Qumrân et Aïn Feshkha : Fouilles du P. Roland de Vaux: IIIA : l’archéologie de Qumrân, by Jean-Baptiste Humbert, Alain Chambon, and Jolanta MłynarczykMizzi, Dennis
2024Review of The origins of Judaism : an archaeological historical reappraisal, by Yonatan AdlerMizzi, Dennis
2022Review of Masada : from Jewish revolt to modern myth, by Jodi MagnessMizzi, Dennis
2020Review of Is there a text in this cave? Studies in the textuality of the Dead Sea Scrolls in honour of George J. Brooke, edited by Ariel Feldman, Maria Cioată, and Charlotte HempelMizzi, Dennis
2023Review of For the freedom of Zion, by Guy Maclean RogersMizzi, Dennis
2024Review of A Jew in the Roman bathhouse : cultural interaction in the ancient Mediterranean, by Yaron Z. EliavMizzi, Dennis
2019Qumran, unchecked parallelomania, and pseudonymity in academic publication : review article of Kenneth Silver, Alexandria and Qumran : back to the beginning (Archaeopress, Oxford, 2017)Mizzi, Dennis
2022Qumran in the Late Hellenistic period : an archaeological reassessmentMizzi, Dennis
2017Qumran aos setenta : algumas reflexões sobre os setenta anos da pesquisa acadêmica sobre a Arqueologia de Qumran e os Manuscritos do Mar MortoMizzi, Dennis
2010The Oxford companion to the Book entriesMizzi, Dennis
2022Rewriting the history of the Qumran caves : reviews of Jean-Baptiste Humbert and Marcello Fidanzio, eds., Khirbet Qumrân et Aïn Feshka, Vol. 4a : Qumran cave 11QMizzi, Dennis; Grey, Matthew J.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 101