About us

Language is our interface to the world, both the external world that we perceive and the internal world comprising our thoughts and emotions, as well as our impressions of others. Language is also an essential tool for artificial systems (including computers and robots) to interact effectively with the world around them.

At the Institute of Linguistics and Language Technology (LLT), our business is the scientific study of language.

The LLT is comprised of a highly multi-disciplinary team of individuals conducting research on language from many different perspectives, including:

  • Theoretical approaches to language structure, meaning and function;
  • Applied linguistics;
  • Sign language and linguistics;
  • Computational linguistics, including machine-learning approaches to Natural Language Processing.

The LLT offers undergraduate degree programmes in Linguistics (offered through the Faculty of Arts) and Human Language Technology. Our postgraduate programmes encompass both theoretical/applied Linguistics and NLP. Doctoral students in the LLT work in a vibrant research atmosphere, in close collaboration with supervisors and colleagues.