About us

The Faculty of Media and Knowledge Sciences (MAKS) was established in 2011 to offer academic programmes and carry out research that are relevant in a knowledge society and that reflect the importance of the knowledge-based economy.

The Faculty is housed in a recently refurbished building that includes a Digital Arts Lab and Art Room, a Cognitive Science Lab, an Immersion Lab, an AV Library, lecture halls, seminar rooms, and meeting areas.

MAKS offers a number of taught programmes at diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate levels. These include programmes in the areas of the media and communications, digital arts, marketing communications, the management of knowledge and information, and cognitive science. The Faculty also provides study-units for other faculties as well as study-units for visiting students.

The Faculty’s diverse research streams, which have attracted over EUR 1.8 million of European Union research funding under the FP7 and H2020 funding programmes, continue to pursue the investigation of knowledge creation, its accumulation and transfer, and its multiple uses in society.

MAKS embraces cognitive neuroscience and social science research as theoretical frameworks for communication, as well as different forms of digital media expressions and social structures that make the dissemination of knowledge possible.