About us

The Department of Digital Arts bridges contemporary artistic practice and digital technology. Its students are led to develop a refined, critical and unique voice through developing a practice founded on historical and theoretical grounding, contemporary conceptualization and aesthetics, and technical accomplishment in order to help them launch their careers in the Digital Arts.

The Department offers courses at Undergraduate and Postgraduate Level:

  • The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Honours in Digital Arts is a practise based degree which integrates practice and theory and covers the interdisciplinary areas of Graphic Design, Photography, Illustration, Animation and Moving Image. This three-year, full time, single honours degree is aimed at students who aspire to become image-making professionals within the Graphic Design and Illustration industries, the Digital Games industry, the Web Development industry, the Animation and Broadcast industries and Photography. The course provides students with a holistic artistic education, based in traditional studio practice combined with art and design history and theory, with the possibility of specialising in the following two main routes in the second and third years: a) Design (Graphic Design, Web and Screen Design, Photography and Illustration) and b) Animation (Animation for web, Television broadcast and Digital Games, and Digital Video Art). 

  • Local and foreign artists and academics together with industry practitioners deliver a practice-based Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Digital Arts with routes in digital fine art, lens-based media and visual communications. This award combines digital art practice with art and visual theory and focuses on conceptual articulation within a creative and experimental research environment.  The course not only recognizes the potential of emerging technologies to give rise to new processes that pose new creative and conceptual challenges, but also present the same technologies as a cultural construct capable of being altered, enhanced or challenged by artists. The curriculum is grounded in a visual arts tradition and is enriched by opportunities to work in an interdisciplinary fashion with other departments on campus. 

  • The Department also offers a Master by Research degree (as full-time or part-time studies) and Ph.D. research in areas of Digital Art and Visual Communications. Anyone interested is to contact the Department prior applying. 

For further details on any of these courses, and for the online application process, choose the course of your interest from the 'Study with Us' section above.