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Dr. Aitana Radu, B.A.(Pol.Sci.),B.A.(Eur.Stud.&Int.Rel.),M.A.(Comparative Politics),M.A.(Intelligence Stud.),Ph.D.(N.I.A., Bucharest)

Office: Room 401, Faculty of Media and Knowledge Sciences



Before joining the University of Malta’s Dept. of Information Policy and Governance, Dr. Radu worked for six years as a researcher in the field of security and intelligence studies for the ”Mihai Viteazul” National Intelligence Academy in Bucharest, Romania.

Dr. Radu obtained her M.A.(Comparative Politial Science) from the University of Bucharest with a thesis on democratic transitions in the Middle East, her M.A. in the Management of Intelligence Activities for National Security from the National Intelligence Academy with a thesis on the security risks posed by the radical Islamic discourse and her PhD in Intelligence and National Security from the National Intelligence Academy with a thesis on the transformation of intelligence organizations. 

Since 2013, Dr. Radu has worked on several European-funded projects both in the design and implementation phase, working as Assistant Manager for research/training infrastructure development projects funded under the European Regional Development Fund (INTELLISEC project) and the Prevention of and Fight against Crime Programme – ISEC 2013 (ARMLET project) and as a researcher in H2020 projects (CITYCoP and CARISMAND projects).


Dr. Radu has had experience of teaching and supervising undergraduate and post-graduate students carrying out research in the areas of intelligence transformation and intelligence organizations in Romania. Her primary focus within teaching programmes at the University of Maltaare interdisciplinary courses and research at Masters and PhD level at the intersection of Information Policy and Security Science.

Selected publications

Bogdan, A. (2015) ”Strategies for Organisational Transformation. A Complexity Approach to Intelligence”, Geopolitica, Bucharest, Year  XIII, no. 61 (3/2015).

Bogdan, A. (2014) ”Building an Intelligence Strategy in the Information Age”, Geopolitica, Bucharest, ISSN 1583-543X.

Bogdan, A. (2014) ”Romania and Right-Wing Extremism. A Network Approach”, Univers Strategic, Bucharest, ISSN 2067-7464.


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