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Time tables for May and September examination sessions are published by the MATSEC Support Unit in due time, usually around mid-October of the preceding year.  These can be accessed in this page.

Candidates presenting coursework as part of a subject's assessment may be asked to attend for an interview.  Appointments are published on the Coursework Interviews Page.

 Information about examination fees can be found in the following document: 


Registrations for the 2018 Main / First session will be accepted between the 6th and 17th November 2017, both days inclusive.  Applications are to be done with the Examinations Department, Floriana, through their website.

Late applications for the 2018 Main / First session will be accepted on the 9th and 10th January 2018.  Very late applications will follow and will close unannounced. Dates will be made public in due time.  Late and/or very late registration fees will apply.

Candidates are to apply for Exam Access Arrangements by the 17th November 2017 at the MATSEC Support Unit.  More information can be found on the Access Arrangements page.

Last Updated: 30 October 2017

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