Special examination sessions have been planned for this year's SEC and Matriculation Certificate examinations.  Timetables for these sessions are available below. These can be accessed in this page.

Main/First Special Examination Session Timetable   

Second (resit) Examination Session Timetable   

Late registrations of existing and new candidates can be done through: https://www.um.edu.mt/matsec/matriculationexaminationsregistrationform

Candidates who had registered for SEC examinations and are not sitting for the new SEC session may apply. 

Late registrations are accepted following closing of the registration period (10th May 2020) until they close unannounced. 

Very Late registration fees apply as per document below.  

Candidates who registered for the SEC Main (May) Session will be awarded a SEC Level 3, 2 or ‘Not awarded’ for each subject they registered for as school candidates. Level 2 is equivalent to SEC grades 6 and 7; whereas Level 3 is equivalent to SEC grades 1-5. The award will be based on the results achieved in the school mock written examinations and coursework (where applicable). This award does not prohibit a candidate from registering to sit for the same subject(s) in the September session (which is a full session, without oral, aural and practical components). Both paper A and paper B option will be offered. 

Candidates who registered for subject(s) as private candidates will have the opportunity to re-register and sit for those examinations in September.

Information about possible coursework interviews will be communicated at a later stage. 

Registrations shall be accepted between the 17th July until noon 24th July. 

Late registrations will be accepted afterwards.  Late fees will apply as stated in the document below..

Examination centres and invigilation staff are the responsibility of the MEDE Examinations Department.   Examiners, invigilators and exam candidates must prevent the transmission of COVID-19 during the examination process, consistent with updated advice from the public health authorities.  Failure to adhere to the conditions indicated below will result in enforcement procedures as provided by the Public Health Act, Chapter 465 of the Laws of Malta.  Examination candidates are encouraged to consult the document issued by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Health re: Obligatory Conditions and Guidelines for Examinations

Below is a summary of the main guidelines for candidates.  Candidates: 

- are to make use of the sanitisers that will be made available prior to entering the examination venue, the examination room and other common areas;

- are to bring their own pens, pencils, and any other stationery or personal equipment that may be required for the test;

- can bring their own sanitizing gel into the examination room provided that they follow the “water bottles rules” (transparent container, transparent gel or liquid, no labels etc.);

- should be at the venue earlier than usual to ensure that all procedures are in place in good time prior to the start of the examination;

- should wear face masks (covering mouth, nose and chin) or visor when entering and exiting the exam venue;

- are to maintain social distancing at all times and are to avoid unnecessary physical contact with others including means of greeting;

- are to enter the room one by one to allow for the previous candidate to enter the room, use hand sanitizer and find their seat;

- are required to show their identification document and should be the only ones to handle their own identification document/s;

- may be required to remove their mask on entering the examination hall until their identification is confirmed;

- are to exit the room one by one and in an orderly manner to respect physical distancing between persons, using hand sanitizer on the way out;

- should not congregate at the exit of the examination venue but leave the venue immediately;

- should be aware that any candidates exhibiting symptoms or feeling unwell will not be allowed to enter the examination venue at any point.   

All private candidates submitting coursework as part of a MATSEC assessment may be called for an interview.  Some school candidates may also be called in for an interview. The aim of the interview is to verify the authenticity and level of the coursework. 

Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, not all subject interviews might take place, and interviews will be done virtually. 

All subject interviews will take place between the 19th August and 11th September, both days inclusive.

Timetables will be available here in due course. 

 Information about examination fees can be found in the following document: 

Examination Fees