Timetables for the First/Main and Second/Supplementary examination sessions are published by the MATSEC Support Unit in due time, usually around mid-October of the preceding year.  These can be accessed in this page.

Main/First 2020 Examination Session Timetable   

Supplementary/Second 2020 Examination Session Timetable   

Candidates presenting coursework as part of a subject's assessment may be asked to attend for an interview.  Appointments are published on the Coursework Interviews Page.

Registration dates for Main/First and Supplementary/Second sessions are published in MATSEC key dates. Dates for other registration periods, such as those for Examination Access Arrangements and Late Registrations is also published in this document. 

Applications to sit for MATSEC examinations in the Main/First session are managed by the Department of Examinations of the Ministry of Education and Employment. Secondary Education Certificate (SEC), Intermediate Matriculation (IM) and Advanced Matriculation (AM) applications can be submitted online. An e-ID is required to apply online. Alternatively one can fill in the application by hand and submit it at the Examinations Department. Details about the procedure to apply can be found on the Department of Examinations website. Should you have any queries, you may wish to call the Examinations Department on 2598 2958.  

Applications to sit for MATSEC examinations in the Supplementary/Second session are managed by MATSEC. Registration may be done online through www.um.edu.mt/matsec/apply in the dates as communicated by MATSEC.  Candidates who sat for an examination in the Main/First session of that year should select the option that states so and insert their username and password as communicated by MATSEC with their results slip.  IM and AM candidates who did not sit for an examination in the First session of that year should select the 'New Candidate' option. The website contains videos to guide candidates through the registration process.  SEC candidates who did not sit for the examination in the Main session of that year but sat for the examination in a previous Main session may apply by hand at the MATSEC office in the dates published by MATSEC.

 Information about examination fees can be found in the following document: 

Examination Fees