Our alumni

MEDAC Alumni Association was officially launched on 30 March 2006 at the German-Maltese Circle, Valletta. The purpose of this Association is to foster a network between former and current MEDAC students and to maintain links between MEDAC and its alumni. The Association organises two annual events, being MEDAC International Cultural Night in autumn and an ambassadorial lecture in spring. It is also seeking to organise events outside Malta where MEDAC alumni are located.

The Association invites you to visit our MEDAC Facebook page and encourages our alumni to join our MEDAC Alumni Facebook Group.

Ambassadorial Lecture 2020

Mr Mark A Schapiro, Charge' d'Affaires at the Embassy of the USA to Malta was the speaker at the Annual Ambassadorial Lecture organised by the MEDAC Alumni Association. The lecture was hosted at MUZA-the Malta National Community Art Museum which is housed in the historic Auberge d'Italie. Mr Schapiro in his address spoke about contemporary international politics in the context of theoretical frameworks of realism and liberalism. Following the address, Mr Schapiro answered numerous questions from MEDAC students and alumni. The event concluded with a reception where MEDAC students, alumni and staff had the opportunity to network informally together with Mr Schapiro and the Public Affairs Officer of the US Embassy, Ms Ryan Janda. 


Ambassadorial Lecture 2019

On March 5 the MEDAC Alumni association had the pleasure of hosting HE Ms Brigitte Curmi, Ambassador of France to Malta as the Ambassadorial Lecturer for 2018/19. Ambassador Curmi delivered a lecture entitled French Diplomacy in a Changing World with a particular focus on President Macron's initiative for a European Renaissance, which had just been launched. Following her address, Ambassador Curmi answered numerous questions from MEDAC students and alumni ranging from BREXIT to the role of leadership in European politics. The event concluded with a social activity.

International Cultural Night 2018

The MEDAC Alumni Association together with the class of 2018/19 organised the MEDAC Annual International Cultural night on November 22nd 2018. The event, which has become one of the highlights of the MEDAC alumni calendar was very well attended with alumni from various years from all of the MEDAC graduate programme together with MEDAC staff. At the beginning of the event. Ms Sue Garcia, President of the MEDAC Alumni Association welcomed all the attendees and highlighted the role of the MEDAC Alumni Association in maintaining the MEDAC family's links. The MEDAC class of 2018/19 provided a wide array of dishes from their respective countries which were thoroughly enjoyed by everyone present.

Ambassadorial Lecture 2018

The Ambassador of Ireland to Malta, HE Padraig MacCoscair, was the 2018 speaker at the annual MEDAC Alumni Association Ambassadorial Lecture. Ambassador Mac Coscair's lecture entitled 'Irish Foreign Policy and Small State Diplomacy' dwelt on the key priorities of Ireland's foreign policy (including the challenge presented by Brexit) and explained the ways in which these objectives were pursued and delivered.

Ambassadorial Lecture 2017

The 2017 MEDAC Alumni Association annual Ambassadorial Lecture was delivered by HE Jiang Jiang, Ambassador of the People's Republic of China on 28 March. The event was kindly hosted by the Chinese Cultural Centre in Valletta. Dr Omar Grech introduced the Ambassador while President of the Alumni Association, Ms Suzanne Garcia Imbernon, welcomed the numerous alumni and students who attended the event. HE Jiang Jiang gave a comprehensive overview of China's foreign policy priorities in the various spheres of diplomatic activity.

International Cultural Night 2017

The MEDAC Alumni Association held this annual event on 30 November 2017.

MEDAC Alumni Association Ambassadorial Lecture 2016

On 15 March 2016 HE Ambassador le Fraper du Hellen, the Ambassador of the Republic of France to Malta delivered a lecture on 'France's Foreign Policy in the Mediterranean' to MEDAC Alumni at the German-Maltese Circle, Valletta.

MEDAC Alumni Association Ambassadorial Lecture 2015

'A New Era after the Fall of the Berlin Wall: Challenges for Germany's Foreign Policy', Ambassadorial lecture delivered by HE Mr Klaus-Peter Brandes, the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Malta - 17 March 2015

MEDAC Alumni Association Ambassadorial Lecture 2014

'Why the Stability of Africa is important for Europe', Ambassadorial lecture delivered by HE Mr Michel Vandepoorter, Ambassador of France to Malta - 20 March 2014

MEDAC Alumni Reunion, Malta - 7 December 2013

The MEDAC Alumni Association held a Reunion for MEDAC students and alumni on Saturday 7 December. The reunion was attended by around 100 alumni and students from all of MEDAC's programmes (Master of Diplomacy, M.A. in Diplomatic Studies, M.A. Conflict Resolution & Mediterranean Security and Diploma in Diplomatic Studies as well as the Human Rights Summer School). The event was also attended by MEDAC academic and administrative staff as well as a number of visiting lecturers who over the years contributed to MEDAC's programmes.