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The Department of Physiology & Biochemistry is responsible for teaching medical, dental and pharmacy students.

Biochemistry is the study of living organisms at the molecular level; the building blocks from which they are made and the chemical processes that determine life itself. Through biochemistry we strive to understand the molecular basis and mechanism of disease.

Physiology is the way we understand the biology of an organism; the functioning of different cells, tissues, organs and other anatomical structures. This provides the scientific foundation for the field of modern medicine.

Our members of staff are established scientists in various fields of research including biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, neuroscience and physiology. Interests are wide-ranging and include amyloidosis, apoptosis, drugs of abuse, haemoglobinopathies, oxidative stress and structural molecular biology. Postgraduate training in these areas of research is a vital component of this department and many students have completed their Masters and Doctoral degrees under the expert supervision of our staff.

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