About us

The Department of Psychiatry is committed to fostering a culture of student-centred learning within the fields of mental health and medical leadership.

Our aim is supporting students to develop as doctors who are able to manage mental health problems and also have the competency to understand and provide for patients in a holistic and professional manner.

In the past fifteen years our department has developed from one study unit to fourteen study units and from a lecturing pool of three, to teams of professionals incorporating 43 appointed lecturers and 30 casual lecturers.

Teaching has evolved from psychiatry only, to psychological and sociological aspects of health care, professionalism, principles of good practice, medical leadership, quality improvement and patient safety.

Emphasis in learning is also put on competency with multiple modules of small group teaching and reflective practice.

Interprofessional learning is given importance and this is being developed further.

Courses in related fields have also been developed for dentistry and dental hygiene students.

We have just launched a Masters in Mental Health as an inter-faculty, interprofessional Masters together with the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Social Wellbeing, from October 2019.

We are also in the process of launching a Masters in Medical Leadership in the near future.