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Welcome to the Malta University Press website.

The MUP has been in existence since the 1960s and has published a number of scholarly works including books by, among others, Prof. J.J. Cremona, Prof. J. Aquilina  and Ġ. Cassar Pullicino. More recently it has published a series of documentary sources about mediaeval times transcribed and edited mainly by Prof. S. Fiorni. In 2007 it published Principles of Maltese Company Law by Prof. A. Muscat, which significantly enriches the scholarly literature on Maltese law, and a collection of poems of the national poet, Dun Karm, in Italian, edited by Prof. O. Friggieri.  

In the last two years, which have seen an upgrade in the approach to operations, presentation, design and marketing, its publications have been the following: A Bibliography of the David Elyan Collections of Anglo-Literary Works and Manuscripts at the University of Malta Library, edited by Mark Camilleri, Stħajjiltni Malti ta' Ġewwa: Memorji ta' Tuneż by Ġuze Cutajar, a facsimile edition of Storia della Letteratura Maltese by Prof. O. Friggieri, and  Minutes of the Council of Government of Malta: 29 December 1835 - 13 August 1849 edited by Dr R. Mangion. Other original academic material is lined up for publication in 2010/2011.

MUP has just published a major work of international scholarship comprising contributions by 200 scholars from sixty-nine universities in thirty-one countries, The European Mind: Narrative and Identity (2 vols,726pp + 844pp), edited by Prof. H. Frendo. 

Texts submitted for consideration by the University of Malta's Editorial Board, responsible for MUP are, after due consideration by the Board members, peer reviewed prior to their acceptance for publication or otherwise. Prospective authors who may wish to have their works considered should consult the MUP website and follow the new guidelines on procedure. These include a motivation letter; a description of content; the state of the text; its would-be academic value and interest; a cv including publications by the same author, if any; an author-publisher contract, etc.  

The MUP, chaired by Professor Henry Frendo, is a small but prestigious operation and in recent years it has been publishing on average, up to four books a year. It now has its own assigned lay-out artists, designers, printers and distributors.
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