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Graduated 2017
Having completed my undergraduate degree in the UK, the prospect of studying for my Master of Music degree on a sunny beach with a cocktail appealed to me. Of course, that did not happen and I spent most of my days studying in the library. But this is to the credit of the University of Malta’s School of Performing Arts, which enabled me to tailor my own research to my own needs and interests. For the first time in my education, I felt as though I was finally studying exactly what I wanted to study. And since Malta has become a thriving cultural hotbed, there has never been a reason to leave.
Graduated 2014
My time as a Music Studies student at the University of Malta has been instrumental in shaping me into a comprehensive artist. In many ways, the three-year undergraduate course has ignited an interest for knowledge and understanding, and has provided the necessary academic and artistic formation to further my career as a freelance musician and music educator. I am grateful for having received support from the department’s staff who challenged me to reach my full potential.
Graduated 2011 and 2015
After obtaining my bachelor degree in Archaeology and Music Studies, I wanted to deepen my knowledge in the relationship between music and culture. Therefore, I enrolled on a pre-Master and, eventually, Master programme in Ethnomusicology at the University of Malta. During my Master studies, I learnt to apply theoretical concepts developed in the social sciences and to test these within the contexts of research and fieldwork. Not only did I delve into books, but I also travelled to a number of places within the Mediterranean basin and the Near East. In my Master dissertation, I achieved to combine the knowledge from different disciplines with the newly acquired Ethnomusicological insights. During the writing process, I experienced a lot of support from a number of lecturers for this interdisciplinary approach. I am currently reading for my PhD degree in ethnomusicology at the University of Malta which focuses on Music in Antiquity, specifically, on how social processes such as acculturation, diffusion, and syncretism affect musical practices.
Graduated 2005
I am a music teacher in state schools but also work as a composer and musician in various aspects of the music business. I always believed that by diversifying, I could ensure I never lack the necessary drive and exposure to creative ideas. Undergraduate music studies at the University of Malta do just that; they expose students to a gamut of knowledge in order to broaden their perspective of the arts and its industry. They provided me with the opportunity to display my individuality and skills and also to make professional contacts with artists from whom I still keep learning today.
Graduated 2017
My decision to further my studies through a research based MMus Composition at the University of Malta was born from an interest in two disciplines, music and dance. Through a flexible programme involving both of these departments I developed well-rounded skills and knowledge; this allows me to work in the wide variety of places I do today as a self-employed musician. This programme of study provided me with a platform to explore and utilise my creativity whilst learning independently in an area of study I am deeply passionate about.
Graduated 2015
My passion for singing led me to pursue a musical career. Following my participation in singing events such as the Eurovision, I read for an undergraduate degree in music at the University of Malta. The course provided me with the fundamental tools to musicological research which, consequently, broadened my understanding of a wide range of musical genres and styles as well as related areas of music studies such as editing, analysis, critical thinking, and music technology. Following my first degree, I successively read for a PGCE diploma which certified me as a qualified teacher. Currently, I teach music and direct all music activities at school. I also work as a freelance singer for various functions such as weddings and entertainment in hotels. Studying music at the University of Malta has been a fulfilling experience—a path to exploring new possibilities for a successful musical career!