Research seminars

Past research seminars

Trajectories and intersections towards creative practice
Dr Jondi Keane at Deakin University

Movement-within-movement and the practice of embodied cognition
Dr Jondi Keane at Deakin University 

Oedipus and the Plague
Professor David Wiles University of Exeter and Wolfson College, Oxford

Equal Power to Women'? British Theatre and the #MeToo Era
Prof. Elaine Aston, Lancaster University 

Folklore Traditions in Contemporary Bulgarian Music of the 20th and 21st Centuries
Prof. Dr Emilia Kolarova, National Academy of Music, Sofia 

Scenes from Bourgeois Life: The Spectator
Prof. Nicholas Ridout, Queen Mary University of London
Wit and Whimsy: Piano Works of Canadian Composer Jack Behrens
Dr Karin Di Bella, Brock University

Theatre during the Siege of Sarajevo
Professor Haris Pašović, leading theatre director in south east Europe, director of the East West Centre Sarajevo, and lecturer at several universities

Il Bicentenario di Etienne Nicholas Méhul, il eriodo Napoleonico e la musica della Rivoluzione
Professor Fabrizio Della Seta, Dipartimento di Musicologia e Beni Culturali, Università degli Studi di Pavia, Pavia

I manoscritti di Verdi: lo stato attuale degli studi
Professor Fabrizio Della Seta, Dipartimento di Musicologia e Beni Culturali, Università degli Studi di Pavia, Pavia

What's in a Word: Cultural Identity and Music Through a Discussion of the Armenian-American Rock Group 'System of a Down' and their hit 'Toxicity'.
Dr John M. Kennedy, College of Arts and Letters, Department of Music, Theatre and Dance, California State University, Los Angeles.

Mongolian Music and the Cello
Professor Su Li, Arts College, University of Xiamen, China

The Life and Music of Ilhan Usmanbas and Kamran Ince: Two Turkish Composers of Western Classical Music.
Dr Ozan Tunca, Anadolu University State Conservatory, Turkey

The Singer as Individual: Pop Singers, Music, and Political Propaganda in Contemporary Maltese Electora Campaigns
Dr Philip Ciantar, Department of Music Studies

Interanimacies: Encountering Life Through the Inanimate in Sasha Waltz's noBody
Dr Brandon Shaw, Department of Dance Studies

Research within the School of Performing Arts (UM)
Dr Stefan Aquilina, Department of Theatre Studies, and Ms Lucía Piquero, Department of Dance Studies.

Performativity and Revolt in the 1846 Valletta Carnival
Professor Vicki Ann Cremona, Department of Theatre Studies

Musicality and Embodiment in the Work of Konstantin Stanislavsky
Dr Mario Frendo, Department of Theatre Studies

Transforming Policy and Practice in the Arts in the Twenty-First Century: from Structures to Relationships.
Ivor Davies, Independent adviser and researcher in international cultural policy

Practice as Research and the Problem of Knowledge
Robin Nelson, Manchester Metropolitan University

Stanislavsky and Miesner Practices in Contemporary UK Actor Training
David Shirley, Manchester School of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University

Remodeling the Public Sphere: A Victorian Woman Ventures Securely into Men's Realms
Tracy Davis, Northwestern University, US

Retraining the Perception of Pain: Between an Octopus and a Plastic Explosive Brain
Dr Pavlos Kountouriotis, independent dance scholar

The Application of Electronic Music Concepts into the Acoustic Domain
Dr Reuben Pace, department of Music Studies

Only Connect: Argentine Tango as a Practice of Embodied Cognition
Dr Abby Hoffman, independent dance scholar