About us

The Theatre Studies Course aims at giving students a comprehensive knowledge of theatre and drama as performance activities and to present theatre as a living organism within society. The changing role of actors and performers, the development of spatial performance structures, and the relationship between theatre, society, politics and philosophy, is analysed and discussed. In line with the most recent developments in the field of Performance Studies the course investigates the roots of theatre activity and the genealogy of theatrical performance in relation to religious, political, and social structures. The programme also focuses on the relationship of theatre with the associated arts of music and dance. In this respect it investigates contemporary theories and studies recent practices also within the context of newly emergent digital media. In a time of over-specialisation, the course aims at cultivating an interdisciplinary approach which makes students open to different disciplines.  The programme locates theatre and performance within the context of cultural and creative sectors and equips students with the basic critical and practical tools to operate within this sector.

Prospective students include anyone interested in activities related to theatre and performance, culture and the arts. Young individuals with no previous experience and mature persons, who have been active in the field but desire relevant theoretical and updated practical skills, are equally eligible to enrol. Students wishing to work within the cultural and creative industries, in Europe and the U.S. are normally requested to show that they have followed studies related to the performing arts which the Theatre Studies course includes within its programme.

The Theatre Studies Department offers a programme of undergraduate courses and postgraduate research at Masters and Doctoral levels.