Industrial Heritage Platform

Industrial Heritage Platform

  1. An Industrial Heritage Platform is being set up within the Faculty of Engineering.

  2. The aims of the Platform are the following:
    (a) to undertake, promote, facilitate and coordinate research and study in the field of industrial heritage, in particular Maltese Industrial Heritage
    (b) to hold meetings, lectures, seminars and conferences in which to present research ideas and work, work in progress and generally promote the sharing and dissemination of knowledge
    (c) to create and maintain an electronic portal for the publication, discussion and dissemination of research and information
    (d) to collaborate with Heritage Malta and other local entities involved in the study and conservation of Malta’s Industrial Heritage
    (e) to collaborate with local and foreign centres, programmes, entities and individuals with similar interests and scope
    (f) to offer study-units that may be included in both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

  3. The Platform shall have the following structure:
    (a) a Board consisting of the Coordinator and five other members, appointed by Senate on the recommendation of the Rector, after consultation with the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering
    (b) the Chairman shall be appointed by Senate on the recommendation of Rector chosen from amongst the members of the Board
    (c) the appointment of the Coordinator and the members of the Board shall be for one year, which can be renewed.

  4. The Platform will operate as a cost centre, subject to the University’s financial regulations.

Approved by Senate on 22 January 2015, amended on 9 May 2019 and on 24 October 2019

Members on the Board of the Industrial Heritage Platform
Faculty of Engineering

Dr Daniel Vella

Professor Robert Ghirlando (Coordinator)
Dr Ing. John Betts
Professor Reuben Paul Borg
Professor Timmy Gambin
Dr Reuben Grima