Platform for Mediterranean Foodways

Platform for Mediterranean Foodways

  1. The Platform for Mediterranean Foodways is to be set up within the Mediterranean Institute.

  2. The aims of the Platform are the following:
    (a) to establish itself as an interdisciplinary Platform dedicated to the study of the political, economic, and cultural dimensions of food within the Mediterranean region, with particular attention to its islands;
    (b) to implement the use of foodways as the Platform’s basic philosophy, studying Mediterranean food and focusing on its production, preparation, distribution and consumption;
    (c) to include the interrelation between the science and art of the culinary field and promote the different forms of food related discoveries that have shaped the Mediterranean;
    (d) to promote research and teaching in the field of culinary culture by bringing together food related studies at the University of Malta, and to reach out and establish links with individuals and institutions interested in food related matters, both locally and within the Mediterranean/European region;
  3. (e) to attract academics from the Mediterranean/European region interested in working on regional research and studies; 
  4. (f) to aspire towards using Malta’s strategic position as a possible venue for food related forums;
  5. (g) to engage expertise beyond the Mediterranean/European region, in order to provide a broader, global dimension;
  6. (h) to act as a catalyst in food-related forums, with the organisation of workshops, conferences and special events; 
  7. (i) to investigate possible sources of funding, particularly relevant EU research programmes;
  8. (j) to undertake a significant participative role on a national level to further improve food related awareness, with the Platform [or any of its appointed members] being recognised as the entity representing the University of Malta;
  9. (k) to attract candidates that wish to pursue a career related to the food industry but not necessarily in the practical culinary field of cooking;
  10. (l) to collaborate with Centre of learning at the University engaged in Food Studies.

  11. 3. The Platform shall have the following structure:

  12. (a) the Board shall consist of a Co-ordinator and five other members appointed by Senate on the recommendation of the Rector after consultation with the Mediterranean Institute.  At least two members shall be members of the University involved in the Platform’s area of interest;
  13. (b) the Chairman shall be appointed by Senate, on the recommendation of the Rector chosen amongst the members of the Board;
  14. (c) the appointment of the Coordinator and the members of the Board shall be for one year, which can be renewed.

  15. 4. The Platform will operate as a cost centre, subject to the University’s financial regulations.

  17. Approved by Senate on 25 October 2012
  18. Revised in Feb 2013
  19. Revised by Senate on 26 October 2017
  20. Revised by Senate on 9 May 2019