Prof. Adrian Muscat

Prof. Adrian Muscat

Prof. Adrian Muscat



Level 1, Block B
Room 21
ICT BUilding
University of Malta
  +356 2340 2162
Adrian Muscat received his Ph.D. in Electronics Engineering from Queen Mary University of London in 2002, the M.Sc. Degree in RF and Microwave Engineering from the University of Bradford in 1996, and the B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Malta, 1993. Today he holds the post of Professor at the Department of Communications and Computer Engineering, University of Malta.

In his early stages of his career he carried out research mainly in the area of microstrip antenna computer aided design, during which time he studied and adapted evolutionary search techniques for shape optimisation and developed a modified line grammar to generate microstrip antenna shape candidates, which are typical of what human designers develop during the early design phase.

His current research interests are (a) in machine learning and pattern recognition models applied to Vision and Language, with special emphasis on semantic relations in images and image caption generation, (b) in Urban Mobility with special emphasis on Demand Responsive Transport systems and lately on bicycle commuting technology, and (c) in industrial settings, anomaly detection in x-ray images.

In the past, he has also carried out research in the characterisation of the GasMesFET; computational electromagnetics of planar structures, microstrip antenna design, radio propagation on board aircraft and automated assessment in electrical circuit analysis.
  • Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition)
  • Vision and Language (Visual Relation Detection, Image Caption Generation and Visual Question Answering)
  • Image Understanding
  • Machine Learning applied to Urban Mobility and Machine Vision

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  • CCE2502 - Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning
  • CCE2503 - Search and Optimisation Methods
  • CCE5106 - Advanced Neural Network Models
  • CCE5108 - Data Science in Python
  • CCE5209 - Acquisition, Processing and Analysis of Health Data