Prof. Alex Torpiano

Prof. Alex Torpiano

Prof. Alex Torpiano



Room 204
Built Environment Building
University of Malta
  +356 2340 2862
Academic Qualifications:
Bachelor of Engineering and Architecture, University of Malta. (1972-1977)
Din L-Art Helwa Prize for Architecture, 1975
Master of Science (Concrete Structures and Technology), Diploma of Imperial College, Imperial College of Science, Medicine and Technology, University of London, U.K. (1978-1979)
Doctor of Philosophy (Building Engineering) University of Bath U.K. (1984-1987) (Thesis: On the Design of Masonry Shell Structures)
Professional Status:
Professional warrant as Perit, (architect and civil engineer), Republic of Malta, 1979;
Corporate Member of the Institution of Structural Engineers, UK, 1984
Chartered Engineer, (UK), 1984
European Engineer (Eur.Ing), F.E.A.N.I., 1990
2008-, Dean, Faculty for the Built Environment, University of Malta;
(prev. Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering)
1988-99, 2007- Head of Department, Department of Building and Civil Engineering - Department of Civil and Structural Engineering after 2011, Faculty for the Built Environment, University of Malta;1979-1980 Assistant Lecturer, 1980-1988 Lecturer;
1988- , Director & Consulting Partner, TBA Periti, (Design Solutions Ltd);
2000-2011, Director & Lead Consultant, aoM partnership;
1999-2001, 2009-, Member, Periti Warranting Board, Malta;
2009-, Member of Council of the University of Malta;
2009-, Board Member, Institute of Sustainable Energy, UoM;
2009-, Board Member, Institute of Sustainable Development, UoM;
2009-, Chairman, International Institute of Baroque Studies, UoM;
2008-, Member of Senate of the University of Malta;
2002-, Member, Eurocodes National Implementation Committee, Malta Standards Authority;
1994-2009, Director, Institute for Masonry and Construction Research, UoM;
2000-2008, Chairman, Governing Board, San Anton School;
2002-2004, Member, Construction Products Expert Group, Malta Standards Authority;
1999-2004, Member, Governing Board, Malta Centre for Restoration Studies;
1999-2003 Member, Civil Protection Scientific Committee;
1997-1999, Member, Malta Standardisation Authority;
1993-1997, Member, Planning Appeals Board;
1994-1996, Chairman, Governing Board, Centre for Restoration Studies;
1999-2001 Member
1995-96, 2000-1 Chairman, Valletta Rehabilitation Committee;
1994-1996, President, Council of Chamber of Architects and Civil Engineers, 1990-1994 Council Member;
1994-96, 1999-2003, Member, Civil Protection National Scientific Committee;
1994-1996, Member, Prehistoric Temples Technical Experts Committee;
1993-1996 Chairman Structural Stability Group, Building Regulations;
  • Structural Masonry
  • Deterioration and Repair of Stone
  • Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete
  • Concrete Technology
  • Engineering Education Systems
  • Prehistoric Masonry Structures

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Mauricio, A., Aires-Barros, L., Fassina, V., Cassar, J. & Torpiano, A. 1996, "Multivariate data analysis applied to salt efflorescence occurring at Sta.Marija Ta Cwerra Church (Malta)", EC Research Workshop on âEURoeOrigin, Mechanisms, and Effects of Salt on Degradation of Monuments in Marine and Continental Environments, Bari.

Cassar, J.A. & Torpiano, A. 1995, "Analysis of Deterioration Processes affecting a Limestone Monument - The Church of Santa Marija Ta' Cwerra, Malta", First Int. Conf. on Science \& Technology for the Safeguard of Cultural Heritage in the Mediterranean Basin, Catania.

Torpiano, A. 1995, "The Collapse and Proposed Restoration of a Prehistoric Megalithic Structure", Structural Studies of Historical Buildings IV - Volume 2 - Dynamics, Repairs \& RestorationComputational Mechanics Publications, , pp. 237.

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  • BEN5002 - Professional Studies
  • CNM3421 - Degradation of Building Materials 1
  • CVE2611 - Structural Design 1
  • CVE3612 - Structural Design 3
  • CVE5611 - Architectural Technology 1
  • CVE5651 - Advanced Structural Design 1
  • CVE5654 - Special Topics in Engineering
  • CVE5671 - Historic Structures and Interventions