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Dr Andre Xuereb
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Dr Andre Xuereb

Dr Andre Xuereb


Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Science
Room 213
Maths & Physics Building
University of Malta
contact+356 2340 2278

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Research Interests & Publications

Research Interests

  • Optomechanics
  • Quantum mechanics
  • Quantum optics
  • Mesoscopic quantum mechanics
  • Quantum information
  • Quantum thermodynamics
  • Quantum technology

Selected Publications

Xuereb, A., Genes, C., Pupillo, G., Paternostro, M. & Dantan, A. 2014, "Reconfigurable long-range phonon dynamics in optomechanical arrays", Physical Review Letters, vol. 112, no. 13, pp. 113604.

Xuereb, A. & Paternostro, M. 2013, "Selectable linear or quadratic coupling in an optomechanical system", Physical Review A, vol. 87, pp. 023830.

Xuereb, A. 2012, Optical Cooling Using the Dipole Force, Springer Theses.

Xuereb, A., Barbieri, M. & Paternostro, M. 2012, "Multipartite optomechanical entanglement from competing nonlinearities", Physical Review A, vol. 86, pp. 013809.

Xuereb, A. & Domokos, P. 2012, "Dynamical scattering models in optomechanics: Going beyond the 'coupled cavities' model", New Journal of Physics, vol. 14, pp. 095027.

Xuereb, A., Genes, C. & Dantan, A. 2012, "Strong coupling and long-range collective interactions in optomechanical arrays", Physical Review Letters, vol. 109, pp. 223601.

Xuereb, A., Schnabel, R. & Hammerer, K. 2011, "Dissipative Optomechanics in a Michelson--Sagnac Interferometer", Physical Review Letters, vol. 107, pp. 213604.

Xuereb, A., Freegarde, T., Horak, P. & Domokos, P. 2010, "Optomechanical cooling with generalized interferometers", Physical Review Letters, vol. 105, pp. 13602.

Xuereb, A., Domokos, P., Asboth, J., Horak, P. & Freegarde, T. 2009, "Scattering theory of cooling and heating in optomechanical systems", Physical Review A, vol. 79, pp. 053810.

Xuereb, A., Horak, P. & Freegarde, T. 2009, "Atom cooling using the dipole force of a single retroreflected laser beam", Physical Review A, vol. 80, pp. 013836.


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