Dr Ing. Ann Zammit

Dr Ing. Ann Zammit

Dr Ing. Ann Zammit


Senior Lecturer

Room 106
Engineering Building
University of Malta
  +356 2340 2066
Ann Zammit graduated in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Malta in 2003, after which she started working in the semiconductor industry at ST Microelectronics Malta Ltd. She later joined the University of Malta in 2005 as a research engineer. In 2008 she was employed as an Assistant Lecturer and in 2014 as a Lecturer within the Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering.

Ann was awarded a PhD degree in 2014 for her work dealing with tribological and mechanical characteristics of surface modified austempered ductile iron as a gear material. Her main research interests are in the areas of material heat treatment, surface engineering, mechanical testing and tribology.
  • Surface engineering
  • Shot peening
  • Mechanical surface treatments
  • Laser surface treatment
  • Ferrous materials
  • Wear
  • Heat treatment

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  • ENR1112 - Technical Report Writing
  • ENR5026 - Science Communication in Engineering
  • MME1202 - Physical Metallurgy and Diffusion
  • MME2206 - Materials Selection
  • MME3213 - Introduction to Surface Engineering
  • MME3215 - Advanced Materials for Technology