Dr Antoine Zammit

Dr Antoine Zammit

Dr Antoine Zammit


Senior Lecturer

Room 311
Dept of Architecture & Urban Design
Faculty for the Built Environment
University of Malta
  +356 2340 2868
Antoine graduated in architecture and civil engineering with First Class Honours from the University of Malta in 2002, with periods of study at the Universities of Birmingham and Bologna, and subsequently obtained his professional warrant to practise as a Perit. In July 2004 he was awarded a scholarship by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the UK to read a post-graduate MSc degree in Town and Country Planning, specialising in Urban Design, at the Bartlett School of Planning (BSP), University College London (UCL). He terminated this Masters course with a Distinction, and was awarded the prize for effort by the BSP. In 2009 he was awarded a scholarship as part of the Malta Government Scholarships Scheme, for a PhD research in Planning and Urban Design at the BSP, which he successfully terminated in 2013.

Antoine has worked on projects in Italy, the Republic of Ireland and Malta and was further a member on the Planning Appeals Board in Malta. Following 10 years of employment within private practice, Antoine set up his own urban design consultancy, studjurban (www.studjurban.com) in 2012. studjurban has been established with the prime intention of championing high quality urban design on the island, through an iterative philosophy that links research and collaboration to design and subsequently increases place awareness.

Antoine currently lectures in spatial planning, urban design and urban governance within the Faculty for the Built Environment and has also delivered lectures at UCL. He is actively involved in urban design debates through his engagement within the Maltese Chamber of Architects and Civil Engineers and the Urban Issues Work Group of the Architects Council of Europe, both of which he is a member. In the field of planning and policy-making he advises the Planning Authority on major policy revisions and has authored new national urban design policy and guidance. He has also delivered papers at international conferences and transnational meetings in Athens, Brussels, Cascais, Copenhagen, London, Malta, Milan, Nicosia, Nottingham, Padua and Rome in the research areas of urban design quality, urban design research methods, urban design policy-making, green urbanism and responsible design.
  • Urban design theory and practice, urban design research methods
  • Design quality and development management
  • Spatial planning systems, planning culture, EU urban agenda
  • Historical evolution of planning in Malta
  • Green urbanism, resource management and urban allotment gardens
  • Urban governance and decision making, role of formal and informal institutions
  • Information and Communications Technology and public space design/management

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Zammit, A. 2012, "Assessing the relationship between the development control process and urban design quality" in Alterarchitectures Manifesto: observatoire des processus architecturaux et urbains innovants en Europe, eds. T. Paquot, Y. Masson-Zanussi & M. Stathopoulos, Eterotopia/Infolio, Paris/Gollion, pp. 84.

Zammit, A. 2012, "Assessing Urban Design Quality In Places: The Need For Two Methodological Frameworks, The Case Of A Small Island State, Malta" in Designing Place: Urban Design Conference – Conference Proceedings, eds. K. Borsi & B. Durmaz, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, pp. 780-792.

Zammit, A. 2010, "Does scale affect the presence of the urban-rural interface? Managing this interface on a small island state: the case of Malta" in Managing the Urban Rural Interface: International Conference – Conference Proceedings, ed. Peri-Urban Land Use Relationships (PLUREL), University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen.

  • AUD2711 - Introduction to Urban Design Studies
  • BEN3101 - Design Workshop - Re-Thinking the Piazza
  • BEN5003 - Research Methods and Tools
  • SPI3711 - Urban Design Theory and Practice
  • SPI3722 - Urban and Regional Development
  • SPI5711 - Urban Design and Spatial Continuum
  • SPI5712 - Principles and Politics of Urban Design
  • SPI5713 - Advanced Urban Design Theory and Practice
  • SPI5714 - Sustainable Urban Design and Development
  • SPI5715 - Studies in Urban Design Research and Analysis
Courses coordinator:
- Masters in Architecture and Urban Design (MArch): http://www.um.edu.mt/ben/overview/PMARAUDFTT4-2017-8-O
- Certificate in Spatial Planning: http://www.um.edu.mt/ben/overview/UCSPIPTD-2017-8-O

Current affiliations:
- Member, Kamra tal-Periti
- Member, Working Group Urban Issues, Architects' Council of Europe (ACE).

Previous collaborations and affiliations (2013-2016):
- Member and Lead Author, Working Group 'Development Control Design Policy, Guidance and Standards 2015'
(DC15), Planning Authority
- Member and co-Author, Working Group Floor Area Ratio, Planning Authority
- Member and co-Author, Working Group Outdoor Dining Areas on Public Open Space, Planning Authority
- Member, Validation Panel Executive Committee, Commonwealth Association of Architects (CAA)
- International Editorial Board Member – 'My Liveable City – the Art and Science of it' International Magazine
(India, The Netherlands). Publisher: Ironman Media and Advisory Services Pvt Ltd.

Research work in progress:
Valletta 2018 Foundation (Valletta European Capital of Culture 2018)
Research Project Leader, 2015 – 2019:
'Assessing the relationship between community inclusion and space, through the impact of Valletta 2018 cultural
infrastructure on various community groups'

Core Group Member, Management Committee Member, Transport and Urban Development COST Action 1306:
Fostering knowledge about the relationship between Information and Communication Technologies and Public Spaces
supported by strategies to improve their use and attractiveness (CYBERPARKS)
Leader, Working Group 4 (Urban Design)
Conference Chair, International Conference ‘ICiTy – Enhancing Places through technology', Valletta, Malta, 18 – 19th April 2016.

Previous research collaborations and projects:
Management Committee and Working Group 4 (Urban Design) Member, Transport and Urban Development COST
Action 1201 (2012-2016): Urban Allotment Gardens in European Cities – Future Challenges and Lessons Learned

Design Project Team Leader for 'Ilma u Melh', architectural projects set up in Brussels designed and commissioned by
the Faculty for the Built Environment for the Maltese Presidency of the Council of the EU (May 2016 - June 2017)
More info on https://www.reunion.org.mt/en/events/Pages/Ilma-u-Melh.aspx?isDlg=1